Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Reasons I'm a lazy blogger

So. I got my tree, and it only took me a week to finally finish decorating it. It was sort of a fiasco. First of all, we were a little lazy in going to get it in the first place. We planned to do it on a Friday, but ended up going out to dinner instead. We were going to get it the following day, but it was really snowy, and so we decided to rent movies and stay inside in our pajamas all day. So I was determined to get it on Sunday, although there was only a small window of time because I had a really busy day. So I picked out the tree – quickly, which is no small feat for me, what with the OCD-I-need-the-perfect-shaped-tree-that-doesn’t-cost-one-meeeellion-dollars tendency that I have. Chris hauled it up the stairs, we situated it perfectly in the stand, sat down on the couch and pretty much watched it fall over. Pine needles and water EVERYWHERE. Turns out, the (old) stupid tree stand was easily broken. So I left to go to my church event (without vacuuming, because I didn't want to risk breaking the vacuum by sucking up wet pine needles) and he went to go buy a new tree stand. I rushed home after I was done – all I could think about was vacuuming up that plethora of needles off the floor – and we re-set up the tree. I couldn’t deal with anymore tree stuff that day – I knew the lights were my next trouble, and I did NOT have the energy for THAT. Good thing, too, because when I got out the lights the next day, they didn’t work. I bought new ones and then I didn’t buy enough. FINALLY, I got enough lights, and I situated them on the tree how I liked them and put on the garland and the strategically placed ornaments. I love how I can turn a simple holiday activity into a weeklong task. Sad, really.

As I was getting out the ornaments, I remembered one of my favorite things about Christmas – the White House Ornaments. My former boss started a tradition of giving me one each year, and she called today to make sure she had my address so she can send me this year’s. I’m so excited – I’m a big fan of ornaments that mean something. I have ones on my tree from when I was really little and ones that represent family members – I totally think a tree is more about the history of the person/family than just about being pretty. Although I am sitting here in the dark with the tree lights on and it IS so pretty.

In other news, I have a job. Like a permanent, benefits-and-everything JOB! Not only am I getting hired by my company, but I’m getting promoted. The lady who is currently the marketing director is moving into a new job and so as of the new year, I’m going to be the NEW marketing director. I’m really excited – and sorta scared. I love my job and I really like the people I work with, so I think the fear will dissipate, because they clearly have confidence in my abilities.

Speaking of work, Chris and I went to the company party on Saturday night, which was really fun. It was a fancy “cocktail attire” party, which was a new one for me, because we didn’t have fancy schmancy parties at my old job. I got a mani and pedi and even got my hair done – just for fun. I felt like I was going to prom. We went to the cocktail hour, had a really nice dinner and champagne toast, and then called it a night. We stayed at the hotel where the party was, which was also fun, because I love staying in hotels.

So that’s pretty much that. My two year blogiversary was last Thursday, and I was totally planning to end the blog. However, I can’t seem to let go yet. I know I haven’t been keeping up very well, what with having an awesome boyfriend and also an awesome job where I’m actually busy 90% of the time. Plus, I feel like I have nothing to talk about. At any rate, I’ll try to update when I can. Way to commit, right?