Friday, March 18, 2005

The Luck O' the Jewish

So last night, some of us went to the Meade St. Station after class to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and also really it was just a good excuse to go out for beer. So we're there for all of five minutes before they're going to do a drawing for the super cool Guinness jersey that Seth has on in the picture above, and so we all signed up real quick. When they're drawing for it, Seth's like "give it to the good Jewish boy!" And lo and behold, they drew his name. Random people kept coming up and congratulating him all night. It was cool. And I was only slightly jealous that I, being the Irish lass that I am, didn't win. But I told him I'd be borrowing it next year. And I think if we go out drinking to celebrate Purim, and they're giving out Mordecai jerseys and I win, well, maybe we'd have a good trade situation going.

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Kendra said...

Hi, my name is Kendra and we used to speak before you started this "school" thing. :) Looks like you had fun last night - and p.s. Seth is a cutie. Potential there?