Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Pine Ridge Reservation: Pictures

The first installment of my adventures is in picture form, as it is going to take me a while to write everything about the trip.
So. In South Dakota, we were hosted by a group called Re-Member, whose outreach includes building and installing bunk beds in the homes of families who need them, as well as rehabbing various buildings on the reservation. On Monday, we assembled and installed 28 sets of bunk beds in homes around the res. Here are some of my girls in the basement of a home, putting a bed together.
On Tuesday, we went on a tour of the reservation, which included a hike through the badlands. Here are two of my boys who just graduated being badasses in the Badlands. The image is slightly skewed by the fact that they are wearing children's shirts that they got at a gas station on last year's trip.
The third day was another work day. We drove 90 miles to a town where we spent the day working on a church. Three of our kids were mowing and also there were people working on the roof outside. It was like 100 degrees. I made my boy in the black shirt change into a white t-shirt before he keeled over from heatstroke.
Here are a couple of my boys working on the inside of the church, getting ready to hang drywall.
And here is another one hanging the drywall.
All work and no play is no fun at all, therefore we had to take a break in order to mess around. And drink a lot of water and/or Gatorade.
That took us through Wednesday, and on the ride home, our bus blew a tire about 30 miles from the Re-Member site. But it was fine and we all eventually got back. On Thursday, we toured some more of the reservation, and on Friday, we headed out of South Dakota.


Edge said...

Good looking group and a good cause! Can't wait for the next batch of pictures.


Whinger said...

What a cool group of kids. :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I think it's so awesome you do stuff like this for the kids!

Cheryl said...

Excellent pictures. Thanks for sharing!