Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Because I feel like I should write this stuff down...

You know, for posterity.

Here are 3 reasons I don't sleep well at night:

1. Chris is the weirdest breather at night. His breathing patterns change constantly - and sometimes scare the crap out of me. Like last night, he was breathing through his nose with this high pitched whistle that made me dream that a baby was crying. He later told me that I punched him and mumbled something he didn't understand. In fact, the way I know he's awake in the night is when he breathes quietly - like a normal person.

2. I have a spoiled cat. Baby Kitty had to go to the vet yesterday for a teeth cleaning, which involved her being put under. Therefore, she couldn't eat anything past midnight the night before. Booger decided at 3:30 a.m. that he was DEFINITELY starving to death. There was no doubt in his mind, and by golly, since he was suffering, WE would also suffer. I'm not kidding when I say he meowed and whined for 3 straight hours. I shut him out of the bedroom, which muffled it, but man. If he wasn't the cutest cat in the world most of the time, I would have done something drastic.

3. Pregnancy prepares you for never sleeping well again. Not only do I have to pee about 47 times a night, even getting to the bathroom is a chore. I have to disentangle myself from the covers (which I'm half in and half out of because I'm usually always HOT), extract myself from the body pillow, hoist my ass out of bed (no small feat, I tell you), and THEN I can walk to the bathroom. Once I get back into bed, it takes quite some time for me to get comfortable again and by this time, either I'm totally awake or I have to pee again. Or both.

I might have more later, but I have to pee. And maybe take a nap to make up for all the time I spend at night not sleeping.

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Alice said...

WOAH! hello! and HELLO YOU ARE PREGNANT, WHAT NOW!?!?!?!? more on this please!! have i somehow misplaced all your posts from the last year?? :-)