Thursday, August 24, 2006

Blah blee blah

Don’t you hate when you have things to write about, but you can’t because there are people that read your blog who you don’t want to know the stuff you’re writing about? Because maybe it’s about people you know that they know, or even worse, it’s about them? It’s times like this when I wish that I was a little more anonymous. But it is what it is, so I guess there are some things I just won’t write about. Sigh. But now where will I get valuable feedback and validation? Where, I ask you?! Just kidding.

Ok. So maybe brace yourself for some less than exciting tidbits from my brain.

So my mom is kind of a health nut and today she was all excited when she called me. When I was little, my favorite cereal was Alpha Bits. Go figure, right? Anyway, she found some that was made with whole grains and had zero grams of sugar. So she brought it over to my house and we opened it up and tasted it. GACK. It was seriously like eating cardboard. I opened my mouth and made the *gaaaaack* kind of noise and made my mom laugh, which is no small feat when all of your saliva has been sucked up by cardboard masquerading as cereal. So I am not recommending the whole grain no sugar Alpha Bits. What I will recommend is my mom’s delicious homemade black raspberry jelly, which she also brought me today. It totally made up for the gack-tastic cereal.

I would love to know why I don’t have a job yet. I’ve sent out a lot of resumes and applications and haven’t gotten anything back. It’s beginning to give me a complex. My one consolation is that my coworker hasn’t found a job yet either, so maybe it isn’t all about me.

I am sort of working. I’m helping out some friends by babysitting their 11 month old little boy three days a week. I love him. He’s the sweetest tempered baby, totally easy going, and of course, he’s adorable. However, he’s also at the point where he wants to go everywhere and put everything in his mouth on his way. So I spend a lot of time either making sure he’s not pulling himself up to a standing position using something that will fall over and crush him, or making sure he’s not eating paper or dog hair or something equally as appetizing. I also spend a lot of time carrying him around. He weighs 20 pounds and after the first day of toting him around the museum and the house on one arm and one hip, I was like “I’m 100 years old, because my back is KILLING me!” Other than that, though, I’m having fun with him. And I think the fact that I’m walking around like the Hunchback of Notre Dame will pass with time.


-J said...

Yeah, I love that people read my blog, but sometimes ... it's tough.

dasi said...

You wanted to write about ME, didn't you?? I KNOW you did!! Horrible, horrible things, right??? (See? Paranoia at its finest!!)

On to a real comment... the job will come. In the meantime, it sounds like you're having fun with the little guy! I'm jealous - it makes me want to see my godson more than I do... and just FYI, your kid is puny compared to Erik - he just turned SIX months and is just over 20 lbs!!! I hate to see what he'll weigh at 11 mos!!! ;)

Finally - I too have discovered that healthy is not necessarily "good" just because it is "good FOR you." I bought this special Wonder Bread whole grain WHITE bread thinking Lexie wouldn't notice and it would be good for her, and guess what? So far every day the bread comes home, but the lunchmeat has been eaten. Go figure.

The Husband said...

i find it ironic that your favorite cereal as a kid was Alpha we know where you love of reading and writing comes from.
speaking of Alpha think they are the same as Lucky Charms?

good luck with the job search. i know it can be very frustrating. i hope something comes up soon.

Kendra said...

Will you ask your mom if I can have some homemade jelly? Because YUM - it sounds so good.

I know the job thing is hard but I also know that there is something wonderful waiting just around the corner for you so keep your head up.

Beth said...

Job hunting = sucks, but I agree with Kendra -- it's all going to come up roses eventually, because how could it not?

Edge said...

Give the Alpha Bits to the 11 month old and see if he likes putting them in his mouth.

Good luck on the job search. I looked at the top 100 employers for my area in the business section of the paper then started looking at what they had to offer. Don't be afraid to take temp jobs now and then either, they will feed the bulldog for the time being.


Mr. Fabulous said...

Should I be concerned that you seem to know what cardboard tastes like?

Jessica said...

job hunting is so depressing!!! well, i wish you luck...for the meantime it sounds like you are getting quite the work out with the little kid!