Friday, June 22, 2007

It's that time of year again!

Yes, the annual mission trip. This year, we're going to Espanola, New Mexico to work on a school there. I would tell you more, but since we've never been there, I have no idea what exactly we'll be doing.

We leave Sunday, and I've already been getting MySpace messages and texts from the kids about how they're so excited and how fun it will be. It is going to be fun -- it always is and it's always a new adventure!

So I'll see ya when I get back!!


Marissa said...

have fun!! i know you love this trip so much! can't wait for pics and stories!!

Cheryl said...

Oooh. can't wait to hear all about it! Have fun :)

Kellie said...

Fun! Tell us all about it when you return!