Monday, August 13, 2007

Dream On

I need to keep a dream analyst on retainer. Here are just a sampling of the elements of my dreams from this weekend:

-- I was looking for a vase – the perfect vase – at Wal-Mart, while simultaneously trying to avoid a creepy guy following me. He chased me to my mom’s and she protected me from him. My brother was there, only he was a little boy again. And I never did find that vase.

-- I saw a mirror fall off the wall in my mom’s room and crack in a bunch of places.

-- It was night and I was with someone (I don’t know who) trying to steal a key and break into a safe in an elementary school temporary building, but realized that we had turned on the lights and Snape would be able to see that from his room and come and catch us. We were running out of the temp when I realized that we left the key in the door of the safe, so we went back to return it to the desk drawer where we found it and were caught by my 7th grade science teacher. He was disappointed in me.

-- Remember that flying thing that Atreyu and Bastian ride in “The Neverending Story”? Falcor? I was riding him in one of my dreams – underwater. Only apparently he was a water buffalo.

-- The place that I was riding Falcor was cool – I was there with a bunch of the youth group kids and we were all in this HUGE, really deep lake. It was in this canyon, and we were surrounded on all sides by high rocky cliffs. The water was black, until Falcor swam underwater, and then it was clear.

-- People who appeared in my dream: P.I.C.; about four people from high school that I never even liked; the son of one of my dad’s high school friends; many of the youth group kids; and a bunch of random people, some I knew and some I didn’t.

-- I was at camp, at church, at Wal-Mart, at a lake, at my mom’s, at a school temp building, at a weird place that was a mix between the balcony of a theater and a school, Walgreens, my parents’ garage and also it was snowing in August

-- There was betrayal and judgment and failure and loyalty and fear. Like what might constitute a pretty good book, only so jumbled up that it would only sell to crazy people.

-- I was at some event and I wanted a roast beef sandwich, but all that was left was lamb and some other pretty gross looking sandwiches. I hate when that happens.

-- Chris told me that he wasn’t coming over to my house because we only got along 63% of the time when we were alone. I made him feel pretty bad about that when I woke up this morning.

So yes. This is what happens when I sleep. Friday night I woke up from the stalker dream and I was laying on my back with my teeth and my fists clenched. Ahhh, restful sleep. No wonder I’m always tired. Stupid brain.


Cheryl said...

I think strange and vivid dreams are yet another thing we can chalk up on our clone-o-meter. I have them all. the. time. Had a few weird ones last night, including one where I was in the American Revloution and had to sneak out a passage way and then the British were firing at us so I threw rocks at them and then a horse fell on us. Do I even want to look that up?

-J said...

"... so jumbled up that it would only sell to crazy people." That's funny.

Nick said...

On behalf of creepy guys everywhere I am offended.

Alice said...

man, i wish i remembered my dreams more! i remember like 1 dream every 6 months.

oh, except at the wedding last weekend, i had a dream that the bride had come to wake us up, and then i woke up and couldn't remember if it had been real or not so i couldn't tell if i had to get up or if i could continue sleeping. SO INTERESTING. geez.

Anonymous said...

Dude ... that's just vivid ... I'd swear you were hitting acid if I didn't know any better.


Marissa said...

Aren't dreams crazy?? The other night I dreampt I was walking on the moon, in my green bathing suit, while being chased by a rhinoserous. The rhino turned into the scary triangle head guy from the movie 'silent hill'! what the heck?!

Mr. Fabulous said...

LOL I always get a hard time from Mrs. Fab when I do something dumb in a dream of hers...

Amanda said...

these are the kinds of dreams i have too. totally disjointed.