Monday, August 20, 2007

Of illness and Marilyn Manson

I never thought I'd say the words "I watched a Marilyn Manson concert in it's entirety" but guess what? I watched a Marilyn Manson concert in it's entirety.

Chris and I were with some friends from work on Saturday night, and because we're all very dedicated to our jobs (or something) at the request of a client, we had to go check on the security situation at a jobsite near the concert. Those crazy-ass whippersnappers were climbing places that they shouldn't in order to get a gander at Mr. Manson - for free - and so we had to go make sure none of those idiots broke their necks on our jobsite. The six of us piled into a Tahoe to head out there and make sure our hired security guns were doing their jobs. As it turned out, they were, although the security guys were maybe 12. But they seemed to have things under control. We went up to the 13th floor of the building to make sure that the alleged sightings of teenagers climbing around where there aren't any actual WALLS yet were not in fact accurate, which they weren't. While we were there though, I realized that I have developed a sort of wicked fear of heights. Although I think I can attribute that to the fact that standing that high above the ground and looking down without the comfort of walls or windows might make anyone a little scared of heights. I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, we ended up going to the roof of a parking garage and watching the concert from there. Let me just say that I enjoy a concert just as much as the next person, maybe more, but boy was I glad not to actually be inside the venue. It was LOUD and also Marilyn Manson screams a lot. I am baffled that he still has a voice at all -- we were speculating that he HAS to have some sort of polyps on his vocal cords by now. Also we were amazed that the graphics he shows on the screen behind him were even allowed, especially all the drug-promoting ones during "The Dope Show". We then discussed our gout and how the impending change in season will most definitely have an adverse effect on our arthritis. Ha -- no we didn't, but seriously, when I was recounting the conversation I felt like we were elderly and whatnot. Those damn kids and their devil music.
After the concert, we headed out, while loudly ridiculing the outfits of the kids coming out of the concert - with the windows of the truck rolled down - because they were all so oblivious to us anyway. Especially the ones laying passed out in the grass -- they totally couldn't hear us.

On the way back to our friends' house, we stopped at a wine bar and proceeded to hang out until closing. Late enough? Of course not. One of the guys decided that 2:30 a.m. is a GREAT time to play poker, even though half of us had never played. Finally, Chris and I left and drove home -- a loooong way - and got to bed around 3:30 a.m. Seriously, I am STILL tired. Why why why am I so old that one night of staying up almost all night affects me for like a week? Sigh. Oh well -- it was worth it. We had a blast.

As far as illness, well, I realized last night that I think I actually have a genuine sickness. I believe the official name is latin or something, but translated, it means I have a difficult time leaving the little girls department of any store without buying one meeeellion dollars worth of clothes for the girls. I was shopping for outfits for the ladies for this weekend -- we're going to go see "The Little Mermaid" Broadway show on Saturday -- and I had to keep putting stuff back because let's be realistic here. I have to pay my mortgage and I think the bank frowns on excuses involving my inability to pass up adorable toddler clothing. I'm a sad, sad girl.

In other EVEN MORE trivial news, I realized today that I use song titles or lines from songs as post titles kind of a lot. 14% of the time, in fact. Yes, go ahead and say it -- nerd terror alert has been upgraded to a lovely shade of yellowy-orange. Like a delicious summer nectarine.


Alice said...

perhaps you should post pictures of these highly adorable little girl outfits? i mean, i'm just saying. maybe it would help. put you on the road to healing, or something?

also OMG i am such an old man at concerts now too. my friends and i shake our heads and titter outrage-dly about how these girls' parents could have allowed them out of the house dressed like that, and by god she's only like 12, there is no NEED for a little girl to wear that much make up and IS SHE DRINKING BEER THIS IS NOT OK. then we get out our crocheting and make doilies.

Mr. Fabulous said...

How can you have gone your whole life until now without playing poker?

Hey, if you sign up for the online karaoke, let me know. I want to hear your songs. I'll do the same. I need to wait until my voice comes back.

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Cheryl said...

Augh! Amber you got spammed.

Ok that is out of my system. I use song titles too because you know 60% of the time it works ever time. Hehe Anchorman quote. There went my nerd quotient to orangey.

I too am getting too old for late nights. I can't recuperate.

Antonio said...

Song lyrics aren't nerdy choices for topic titles. Quotes from Simpsons episodes and sci-fi movies are nerdy. OK, REALLY nerdy.

But yeah kids these days. *shakes head*

Marissa said...

song lyrics usually encompass everything i want to say - why say it ourselves when songs say it better?!? :)

Jen M. said...

Your sickness? Consider me Typhoid Mary. I feel absolutely no guilt when shopping for my kids, and this becomes a problem. I. Can't. Stop. Internet support group?