Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Update du jour

Hi there! I just thought I'd say hi real quick, because I have a short break from the smackdown being laid on me by both work and home. Nothing drastic -- just busy. Insanely busy at work + remodeling + more moving = Are you kidding me with this? I'm moving offices today and so as if I haven't had enough of the packing, I have to do it at work as well. My boss said something about how fast I packed, and I was like "Yes, well, I've been practicing at home."

Last night I finished packing up the second bedroom -- I still have some minor things to do in there, but the millions of books and piles of papers are packed. Well, the books are packed. The piles of paper were shredded - I suppose it's not necessary to keep electric bills from the last two places you lived prior to buying your house. Or insurance information on cars you don't own. As a result, I have a large trash bag full of shredded paper. It was very satisfying.

I got the cats declawed, which was a very tramatizing experience for everyone. We made it through, thanks to Auntie Dr. Karen, pain medicine (for the cats), and a lot of pathetic gimping around the house (also the cats), which resulted in a lot of guilt (me) and subsequent getting nothing done because I had to hold the druggy Baby Kitty. The Booger wasn't in pain, just seriously disgruntled and seemingly unaffected by the "narcotic" effect of the pain medicine. His annoyance was compounded further after he managed to get one bandage off of his foot and the other one half off, and instead of claiming victory, he was thwarted by Auntie Dr. Karen and her sticky bandages of doom.

Anyway, I suppose I should go back to work. So that I can move after lunch, unpack, and then go home and pack some more. There are two things that make this sort of ok. One is that since I work in an office full of guys, I won't have to actually carry anything in the move. And two, I hired a cleaning lady to come on Saturday afternoon and clean the house after all the stuff is moved out so that I don't have to spend Sunday doing that. And the bonus third thing is that I can have wine while packing and unpacking at home.

See? It all works out.


Edge said...

Friends don't let friends drink and pack.


Cheryl said...

Wow. Good luck with all that packing and guilt.

-J said...

I think the phrase is actually friends don't let friends pack without drinking, and I think while you're at all this packing, you may as well pack up all that guilt and tuck it away somewhere safe where it can grow and fester and one day erupt into something colorful and exciting that will traumatically damage all those around you. Because that's what love is - boxes of wine. Wait. What?

Alice said...

haaaa. i'm with -j. well.. uh.. mostly. i'm with -j when it comes to not letting friends pack WITHOUT the benefit of alcohol, because seriously. no one needs to suffer through that sober.

happy moving :-)

Marissa said...

Im exhausted just reading all of that! Good luck to you getting it all done. :)