Monday, November 03, 2008

Trick or Treat or Wine

I went trick or treating as an adult for the first time on Friday night. Last year we had the kids, but I stayed home and handed out candy while Chris took the girls around.

We went with some friends of ours in their neghborhood, which was way better than staying in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood doesn't have a lot of kids and so I would've been bored and lonely. Plus, it was such a nice night that I was glad I got to wander around.

I will say, Halloween is way different as an adult. Maybe it was just how I grew up, but I was surprised at the number of parents carrying around adult beverages while trick or treating. Of course, Chris and I and our friends were carrying around our cups of hot spiced wine (yum!) but I was still interested to see that we were one of many. Maybe it's because it's a neighborhood with a lot of young parents in their early thirties, who knows.
Anyway, the kids had a great time and made a huge haul, which is really what the day is all about, right? They're already talking about what they're going to go as next year, which I don't take real seriously as I know it's going to change about a billion times. However, here are some pictures of this year's costumes - I made them and it was the first year they'd had homemade costumes.

A monkey
A S'moreGangster Darth Vader - he didn't actually go out like that, he was just trying on the mask...


Knot said...

Cute kids. And Darth looks like he's all up in the force.


Marissa said...

love those photos!

Stoney said...

Amber---been following your posts off and on for a while (Ha!--Stalker!)

Did same as you on Halloween---and yes, it was fun. Keep up the postings....!