Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I'm having a hard time posting these days because I'm having a hard time figuring out my blog's identity. I think ideally, I'd like it to be like Sundry's blog - some family stuff and some personal stuff, but always good to read. I fear turning into one of those people whose life revolves solely around their kids and consequently, who have nothing to talk about except for boring everyday kid stuff. Not that being kid-focused is bad, but I want to retain some sense of not taking everything so seriously. Which really, I shouldn't worry about because I don't. But you know, I do like to worry...

Anyway, I've had this blog for nearly four years and I feel like it needs a change. My entire life has changed pretty drastically in the past year or so, so why not embrace that and change things up a little. The page has always looked the same, so I need a new look. And I need to figure out what to talk about and how to best do that. You know, just a few things. I think most importantly, I need to remember that this is where I put things that I want to remember and that I should only be concerned with what I think of it. It's hard to do that in a forum where people comment on what amounts to your journal entries, but I figure if my kids ever felt like reading all this one day, they need an accurate and complete picture of who I am now.

Anyhoo. I'm working on my identity and trying to post more - just to get in the habit of it again. Then by the time I figure everything out, I'll be a posting machine! Ha. Let's not get carried away.

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