Friday, October 06, 2006

Assorted words

So I wrote this last weekend, but posted other stuff this week instead, so that's why some of the items have updates. Yes, I am a dork.

I went to one of my girls’ homecoming games Saturday to see her perform with the Poms. She was great, but I gotta tell you – again with the Color Guard. I was there with another one of my girls and we could NOT stop laughing. They had on white t-shirts and denim shorts and – wait for it – black tennis shoes with no socks. For the love of all that’s holy, BLACK TENNIS SHOES? I mean the whole outfit is bad, but come on. And there was one girl who had on super short shorts that were riding up in the middle. Really. Bad. She was, um, stocky, as many of the girls on the team are, and it was cellulite-tastic. I just wonder if these girls look in the mirror and are like “It’s the biggest game of the year and DAMN! I look GOOD!” Sigh. I just don’t understand. I also don't get how their parents let them leave the house in stuff like that. And unfortunately for the team, the outfits were not redeemed by their skill. At all.

And so ends the totally judgemental portion of this entry. Hey, I can't be all introspective and philosophical all the time, right?

Wait, wait. I have one more judgy thing to say. I'm supposed to sing at a wedding for some people at my church and the other day they asked me if I could sing "You Light Up My Life." Shit. I think the better question here wouldn't be if I COULD (because I definitely have the skill) but rather if I WOULD. To which I say "oh hell no." So I'm really trying to steer them toward something not awful. Wish me luck. *UPDATE* They chose this equally as heinous, yet unknown-to-me song, and since they only gave me two weeks to learn it, I told them I couldn't. I probably COULD have, but I just didn't WANT to. They were getting more and more irritating -- I'm doing you a favor and you're being exceedingly difficult and rude. I'm a horrible person for writing this. Anyway, they had someone else they could ask, so it all worked out. Thanks. God.

I'm trying to write more, but I'm working all the time. I worked 50 hours this past week, and almost 12 hours Friday. I'm so busy at work that I rarely have time to go on the internet and I'm pretty worded out when I get home.P.I.C. says he barely knows me anymore, what with the "working" and the "getting up early".

Speaking of P.I.C, I was looking through my cedar chest o'memories the other day, and I found my diary from 2nd grade. The very first entry says "Dear Diary: Today P.I.C. said "you won't like your new baby. They're pests!" And I said "shut up stupid!" Ha. It was from when my mom was pregnant with my brother. There was another one where he said something I apparently didn't like and I came up with another equally snappy comeback. When I told him about it, he's like "Wow. I knew how to push your buttons even back then." He's so right. And the button pushing continues, even 22 years later! He has this love of the Ying Yang Twins (ok, we both do) and so most of the time when I answer my phone and it's him, I am treated to him whispering "The Whisper Song." How, HOW did I get so lucky? Although, I will grudgingly admit that I kind of love his sense of humor (that's me whispering. ha). And when he reads this, I will never live it down. Aren't we cute at his parents' house on Memorial Day though?

My boy Dane is off at college in Kansas and he's really homesick. I talked to him on the phone Sunday, and he's like "will you send me a care package?" I asked him what he wanted in it, and he said "food". And so of course I'm going to send him one. I put it together yesterday -- it's totally college and not at all healthy, and actually contains many items that we eat on mission trips: two bags of Chex Mix, one bag of mini powdered donuts, two bags of sunflower seeds (original and ranch), two cans of Pringles, like 15 mini bags of cookies, gum, three packages of ramen, peanut butter crackers, a "family sized" bag of Twizzlers, and dried apples. Oh and I also threw in the Sports Illustrated NFL Preview, a mix CD, and a picture of us from the summer. He loves me already, but he's going to LOVE me after he gets this package. You boys are so easy to please -- with food.

Anyway. That's about it. I have to go clean my house because I never feel like cleaning it when I get home late and I have a tendency to take off my clothes and leave them wherever I happened to be when I took them off. And so yeah. When I say I'm going to go clean the house, what I mean is "I'm going to go take a nap". Because I love naps, I work hard during the week, and dammit, that's just how I roll. *UPDATE* After I wrote this, I actually DID clean my house -- it finally looks less like a hurricane of clothing hit it and more like an actual home. NOW I'm going to go take a nap. Because I had a rough day of getting my hair colored and I have to get some rest before NOT going out tonight. You know you wish your life was like mine.


Janet said...

Pictures! And you are so good: that package will leave him giddy with happiness for days. He will never be able to see a powdered donut again without thinking of you.

I also tend to leave my clothes lying around where ever they fall. I can now tell the girls I am living with that I am not the only one who does this. It's a mark of a woman with more important things on her mind. Like sleep.

Cheryl said...

Ah, high school football. My high school team was so bad, we couldn't win our homecoming game. Even they year they made homecoming like the second week of school so we might win, it didn't work. Which is why I chose to cheer for soccer. Marissa can back me up on this.

hang in there with those 50 hour work weeks!

Sandra Dee said...

That color guard story was too much. TOO MUCH! I laughed and laughed.

And how sweet of you to send your friend a care package. That's way cute.

Hope your next week at work is a little less busy!

Marissa said...

oh yeah, i TOTALLY back cheryl up on her comment. sadly i chose to go to a college where i think we won 1 football game in all 4 years i was there. *sigh* the good news is i don't understand the game anyway so win or lose, for me, it's really all about the poms. and color gaurd. ;)

also, i love how maternal you are! your friend was homesick and you sent such a cute care package -- that's so sweet. you're so caring ... now i know who im calling next time im lonely!


Hope said...

I DO wish my life was like yours!

I went to my brother's high school soccer game on Friday night. I laughed the whole time because the other team's colors were purple and white, so the fans were cheering, "Go Purple!" I don't think that does much for the cause of making those 16 year old boys feel masculine out there on the soccer field.

And hey, at least those people didn't ask you to sing Olivia Newton John's "I Honestly Love You." Ha.

Edge said...

They wore black shoes because it's after labor day. GAAAAAHHH!! Can't explain the denim shorts though.

Will you sing, something from the movie Xanadu to me, please. I'll put on my bell bottoms and rugby shirt and feel nostalgic.


The Husband said...

that care package sounds unbelievable. he's a lucky guy!

Sass said...

you know what really helps? A bottle of wine.

Edge said...

I know you have been asked this, but why don't you and P.I.C. date or get married? Really, I'm serious. You guys know each other better than anyone, you make a cute couple, and other reasons. What am I missing?


Spaceman Spiff said...

Care packages are the best. Why is every colorguard/dance team the exact same. . . . . except for the color of the outfits. All bad, all the time. But entertaining none the less.

Heart Of Darkness said...

Got hung up on those black tennis shoes... didn't know they existed! Like a horrible urban legend, or something... *sigh*

But got me thinking - takes so little to ruin an outfit... :D

Miladysa said...
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Miladysa said...

What a wonderful photograph!

This post was such a pleasure - you read soooo happy :]

Kris said...

Sweet Lord PLEASE don't let anyone ever describe me as cellulite-tastic. I'm weeping even just thinking about it. ;)

Adorable picture. This one deserves a frame. :)