Thursday, July 26, 2007

Notey note notes

You know what? I really like work email. You know why? Because it's an awesome way for me to cover my ass. I cannot tell you how handy it is to have an email trail when someone is questioning whether or not you did your job correctly. "Of course I did what I was supposed to", I can say confidently "Here are some emails to prove it." Although I'm sure many of you already knew about the trail handiness, I just thought I'd reiterate, since I had cause to break it out yesterday.
I always thought that when I had kids, I would want boys. Less drama, more adoration of their super cool mom. You know, important stuff like that. However, now that I have two little girls to dress and whatnot, well, I've changed my mind. I have the hardest time walking through somewhere like Target and not wanting to spend one meeeeeellion dollars on clothes for them. I had to actually go into the little girls' departments yesterday (even worse, Abby is still in toddler clothes, which of course is EVEN MORE ADORABLE) because they needed some items. The first thing I saw were plaid bermuda shorts in assorted colors with matching tops. I told myself no and I walked away. I then had to tell myself no about 4 more times because I couldn't stop looking at them. I went online today so I could post a link to the cutest capris that I bought for them, and instead, I found a pair of Curious George pajamas that I'm pretty sure Abby MUST HAVE. Because she is a little monkey. And I am an out of control freakshow.
In other news, Janet tagged me to post 8 things about myself that people maybe don't know or might find shocking. After giving it some thought, I couldn't think of anything. Unless you count my above referenced lack of all control when it comes to dressing up the girls. I think I've regaled you with way too much information than you really needed in the past three years already -- so unless you have questions for me that beg to be answered, well, I'm just going to have to come to terms with the fact that I'm an open book. A decidedly un-shocking open book.
In case you were wondering, if you dream about being at a pond and being chased by a bear, it means you have some aggression and are wallowing in negative emotions. I suppose that means I'm going to have to quit being so grrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRRRR about Chris' ex. I'll have to write more about her one day -- suffice it to say that I'm not her biggest fan. Not because of anything she and Chris have to work out -- he's a big boy and he can handle that however it works for him. I just think she's a shitty mother. And to me, if you care more about yourself than you do about your kids, there's something wrong there. That's just my opinion, and truthfully, it doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. But I'm going to have to learn how to deal with her without it making me crazy, because I'm going to HAVE to deal with her for a looooong time.
Chris and the girls and I are going to Winter Park for the weekend. My parents have a time share there, and we've been going there every year since I was a little tyke. However, this weekend, my parents won't be there -- they're coming up on Sunday to stay for the rest of the week because it's quieter during the week. Therefore, this is the first time I've been there without my mom and dad. The first time I sleep in the master bedroom, the first time I make a list of all the stuff to bring from home, the first time I'm in charge of groceries and meals. It's almost like I'm an actual grown up! I'll let you know how that foray into actual adulthood works, because clearly I don't spend a lot of time there on a regular basis.


Woodrow said...

Eggos and Red Baron. That all you need to know. And beer. Don't forget the beer.

Marissa said...

I totally know what you mean about the little girl clothes. I have lots of nieces and I cannot make it through ANY clothing store without picking something up for any one of them. Those clothes are just so damn cute. And yeah, I have even bought some matching niece-aunt outfits! :)

Alice said...

boy oh boy do i hear you on the work emails. i was a naive little lady when i entered the workforce but man was that beaten out of me after getting thrown under the bus a few times because i didn't have an email trail to back myself up. i keep and file EVERYTHING now. stupid mean work people.

Cheryl said...

ooooh, write about her! Sorry, I am such an instigator.

I want some curious george pajamas. Did they have them in my size?