Monday, July 23, 2007

What is WRONG with me?

Apparently I was hit with a number of different spells this weekend once I purchased the new Harry Potter book. I started reading it late yesterday afternoon and all of the sudden, it was 8 p.m. So I was like "no problem, I'll read until 9:30 or 10". And then it was "ok, I'm don'e reading at 10:30." Then "Ok, 11. 11 tops." This went on until I finally finished the damn book at 2:30 a.m. I got to sleep for 4 hours until I had to get up for work. What is wrong with me? I'll tell you what -- SOMEONE must have placed an Immobulus spell on me, along with a Confundus, an Imperturbable, probably a Petrificus Totalus, and one I just made up, the "oh my god, am I really that big of a nerdalus?" The answer is yes, Nerdalus Totalus. Although, I will say it was worth it -- it wasn't just that I wanted to finish it in order to avoid the possible spoilers sure to be all over the internet today, but I seriously could not stop reading. I talked to Beth yesterday, who read the entire thing in six straight hours (I think it took me longer, but I can't be sure because I can't remember when exactly I started reading) and she even refused to give me her opinion until I read the whole thing, so as not to ruin anything for me. Also, the whole reason she called was to tell me about the new show "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" because we also have an enduring love of all things "Charles in Charge" - related. And HYPOTHETICALLY if I were going to really cement my - and Beth's - Nerdalus Totalus status (besides using made up "spells" to describe us) I would tell you that we used to write "Charles in Charge" Lost Episodes. Hypothetically. Anyway.

My mom was reading a book about the five senses to Abby on Saturday, and she said "Abby, what are the little hairs on your eyelid called?" and Abby said "Mustache?" And my mom and I started cracking up and my mom said "Nooo, it's eye...?" and Abby said "Eyestache?" And that was it for us.

You might remember back almost two years ago when my little car was rear ended by a large Expedition. I got it repaired, and sort of soon after that, my trunk stopped opening. I kept forgetting to get it fixed, but since Chris and the girls and I are going away next weekend, I decided I needed to get the trunk fixed in order to be able to carry all our stuff. So my mom took it to be fixed while I was gone and Yay! It worked for about a week until Friday afternoon I went to put something in it and it wouldn't open. Unfortunately, I had stayed at Chris' the night before, and therefore my overnight bag is locked in there. Makeup, hairbrushes and product, makeup. Clearly makeup is my first priority, however, since every time I go to Sephora or Ulta I usually spend 8 million dollars, I happen to have SOME back-up cosmetics. Like a whole drawer.
Again I ask, what is wrong with me? Anyway, tomorrow I have to go lay the smackdown on the service department and get my trunk fixed hopefully for real this time.

Ok. I suppose it's time to go fake doing work. Or more accurately, fake NOT napping.


Woodrow said...

Well shit. I guess I'm going to have to read the Harry Potter books. I never had any desire to, but now all this talk has got me to thinking I'm missing out on something. How many of the damn things are there?

Whinger said...

It took me seven hours. Also, I am not good at math.

And it was totally worth it to stay up until 2:30.

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to get to the trunk through the back set. My car has that thing you can unlock the back seats and it goes to the trunk.


Amber said...

Woodrow -- there are 7 total books in the series. The movies are good, but of course you are also well aware of my stance on movie vs. book and which is ALWAYS better

Whinger -- You're right, it was totally worth it. I will now be emailing you to get your more specific opinion

Jef -- There is a way to fold down the seats into the trunk, however, you have unlock the seats from inside the trunk -- for security reasons, I suppose.

-J said...

Man, everyone is going to finish this book before me. I'm going to have to stop reading blogs until I finish, pretty soon.

Whinger said...

Re books being better than movies:
ALWAYS true except in the glaring exception of "The Color Purple."

Mr. Fabulous said...

I am told that I have nice eyestaches :)

Jill said...

I started yesterday. I was interrupted by obligations to my mother. I finished about an hour ago, so I deemed it safe for me to actually go on the internet. Spoiler-free, I was! YAY!

ally said...

the 7th book was an easy read. i was like you and couldn't put it down. jk rowlings is amazing cranking out the books.

Janet said...

I don't know how long it took me to read, though I think it was longer than six hours. Various body parts fell asleep throughout.

Hee. Eyestache. As for your addiction to make-up, I have the same problem with candles. I NEVER BURN THEM. But.. they smell so good! And they look so urban! Ha. Anyway, I tagged you this evening. Around midnight. At the end of a semi-unremarkable post. You might want to look at it. ;)


Alice said...

ohhhh the love i have for hp! it abounds! i read it in essentially 1 sitting as well. i saw a photoset on flickr of someone who dressed up and went to a midnight B&N release party, and had pictures of folks who'd dressed up as hagrid and dobby and prof. sprout, etc... it made me really sad that i'd never managed to go to a release party like that, because there won't ever be any more :-(

Cheryl said...

I was struck by Nerdus Totalus many years ago. I finished the book in 13 hours, with two breaks. I enjoyed it and am such a nerdus that I cried a bit. Got tears in my eyestaches.