Monday, March 10, 2008

This entry is like if my brain barfed words

So I would've written sooner, except for last week there was this stomach virus? And it did that illegal leg sweeping move like in "Karate Kid"? Only on my stomach instead? I won't keep you in suspense - I did not heroically limp anywhere and win any tournament. Oh no. There may have been some limping, but there were no heroics - in fact the virus soundly whupped my ass. Wax on wax off will not help you in this situation, my friends.

Actual conversation with the intake person on the Ask a Nurse hotline:

Intake lady: "What seems to be wrong?"

Me: "I have the world's worst stomach virus"

Intake lady: "Okay..."

Me: "Seriously. Write that down. 'World's Worst.'"

Intake lady: "What are your symptoms?"

Me: "Excruciating stomach pain, for one. I will say that I tend to exaggerate, but in this case I am not. Also you should write that down too. Excruciating."

Intake lady: "..."

I hope she wasn't new. Otherwise, she's probably like "is everyone who calls here so bossy?"


The good news was that I read somewhere around five or six books last week. All good, so if you're looking for recommendations (Eddie), I've got some.


I got Chris a Wii for his birthday. So far, I like it. Except for how in the instant replays in tennis, my sorry Wii remote skills are right there in slow motion, as my onscreen person watches the ball go by and THEN swings or swings, misses and falls down. It's almost like if I were playing tennis in real life, only marginally less embarassing.


I have never had long hair my entire life, even as a kid. I've always had cute, kicky short to medium hair, and I like it. Right now, I am trying mightily to grow my hair out. It's working, however, I now have hair that falls almost mid-back that is a tangly mess of wavy/curly awfulness. Unless I want to spend time straightening and re-curling it (which most of the time I don't, because *duh* it cuts into my sleeping time), it always ends up in a ponytail. Any advice would be helpful. Because what I ENVISION is the awesome long wavy hair of the STARS. What I'm getting is decidedly not that.


Also, since I'm on a book kick, give me some recommendations. I've got two on deck right now, but will be done with those by the weekend. Also, I'm looking for new decor for Chris and I's bedroom - I've looked at the typical places, so if you've got any off the beaten path places with cool bed linens and whatnot, let me know that too! Awesome.


Cheryl said...

oh sweetie, to get the awesome wavy hair of the stars, you need a private stylist!

I hope you are feeling better and would love any good book recommendations. When I get one, I will tell you.

Mr. Fabulous said...

"Seriously. Write that down. 'World's Worst.'"

I LOVE that!

Edge said...

Go with the Elvis Jungle Room theme in the bedroom.

My wife is growing her hair out. I love playing with it at night and in the morning.


Sara said...

Have you tried using *some sort of "product"* and blowdrying with a round brush?

I have perpetually straight hair, so what do I know?

Jen M. said...

YOU are one sassy lady. I love that in you. And based on your picture, you would look fabulous bald with a bad Britney weave.

-J said...

Ok, my girlfriend says to use maybe a leave-in conditioner or a spray de-tangler and that should make it easier to comb through.

And I don't know much about interior decorating, but I read a blogger that does. You can ask her, if you want.

KC said...

This whole post cracked me up...which is so odd because I never laugh at anything you say. Ever.

Also, being the proud owner of long and wavy hair myself, I have several recommendations. Will call you tomorrow to discuss.

JMC said...

What were the books? I'm always up for a good recommendation.