Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why having Kids is Handy

Because I can unashamedly listen to Chris Brown and David Archuleta and LOVE IT, because the girls wanted to listen to it. I can watch Spongebob Squarepants and assorted shows on the Disney Channel and that’s ok, because I’m watching it with the girls. Pizza for dinner? The girls. Spent too much money at Target? The girls.

See? Really handy.


Alice said...

think that'll work if i blame it on the girls too? of course my girls = in my bra. WHATEVER.

Mindee said...

possible one of my favorite shows right now is iCarly. I make sure to be in the room when they're watching it. It might be a tad old for your girls but you could watch it "to see if it's appropriate" for them. Because you're such a responsible parent you know.

willikat said...

that is a really convenient excuse. i don't have that one. all i have is that i have to leave because i have to let my dog out. which is 99.9 % of the time true.