Monday, February 07, 2005

I'm the best that's ever been

So no, I did not watch the Super Bowl yesterday. As I may or may not have stated before, I care less about sports than I do about, oh, maybe the Michael Jackson trial. I have my opinions on both (sports: boring. Michael Jackson: crazy and a perv) and so why should I waste time watching either of those things on t.v.? Plus, Linda and Alayna were visiting, and since Alayna is only 4, I didn’t feel that it was necessary to cut in on her cartoon time just to watch the commercials that may or may not be funny. Plus, we decided to go to Super Target. And can I just say that in my world, Super Target – super. Super Bowl – not so much.

I did, however, catch part of the pre-game show. I was just about to turn the channel away from the shrieking that was Gretchen Wilson, when I discerned some very important words coming out of her mouth: “Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Charlie Daniels!” Whoa! Put the clicker down! Because you know what it means when someone yells that? It means “THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA!!!”

So here comes Charlie Daniels and so I sat right back in my chair right there and let him show me how it’s done. He’s not a young guy, but holy hell can he play that fiddle. I wanted to call all of the girls and simply yell “THE DEVIL WENT DOWN TO GEORGIA!!!” (And then run at top speed in a circle around them and back onto the dance floor where I would dance enthusiastically all by myself while wearing Berndt's tie. And it would be fun. Because it’s a rare occasion when that song is played at a wedding, and you shouldn’t dilly-dally if you want to get in some good dancing. I’m just saying.)

Anyway, back to the pre-game show. Charlie Daniels rocked and it totally makes me want to learn how to play just so I can play that song. And so I can yell “I done told you once you sonofabitch, I’m the best that’s ever been.” Sigh. That’s good fun for the whole family right there.


beckibee said...

I hate the version of that song that says "I told you once you sonofagun, I'm the best that's ever been." Doesn't have the same impact. Promise me when you learn this song you won't use that version.

Amber said...

Oh, I totally promise. When I was looking for that song for the mythical "10 Year Reunion Mix" I had to download it about one gazillion times because I kept getting the sonofagun version and that is just not acceptable.