Thursday, February 03, 2005

Jungle Boogie

This is my boy The Inspector. That's his fancy name, however, he only answers to "Booger" or "Boogie." He was a scrawny little sick gross boogery thing when I got him, so I just called him Booger and he got used to it. He comes when I call him, I might add. People say he looks freaky, (what with the pure black coloring and the big yellow eyes) but he is the coolest cat ever. Not freaky at all, unless you count the overzealous affection he lavishes on me in the form of licking my face and hugging my neck and wanting to be as close to me as possible. Not so much freaky as sometimes annoying. His personality is hilarious -- he thinks he's a dog. Or a person. Whatever, he's sure he's not a cat. Unless perhaps he's a PANTHER. STALKING you from atop the kitchen CABINETS.
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