Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Fascinating Discourse on Sunglasses

I’m happy to an almost unreasonable degree about my new Oakley sunglasses that I got this weekend. In the past, I’ve been rather bad to sunglasses, especially expensive ones. I lost a pair of Arnettes when I left them in the bathroom at school. My boyfriend at the time bought me new ones, which I subsequently lost about a year later when they fell out of my car, into the gutter and right down a sewer downtown. I had been drinking, and so the loss wasn’t tremendous at the time. Also I didn’t care that much because I had since broken up with the boyfriend who gave them to me.

And so ended the era of lost sunglasses, paving the way for the era of scratched sunglasses. I got a pair of Nike glasses that I had for a year before I scratched them pretty bad – right across the line of sight and so I had to throw them away. I then bought a pair of Oakleys when I worked at REI and got a good discount on those things, and within a year -- scratched. I’ve continued to wear them for another 3 or so years, for two reasons. One is that the bridge of my nose is crooked and also sunglasses tend to sit high on my nose and so it’s next to impossible to find a cheap pair that fit right. The second reason was that I felt like I couldn’t afford another pair of sunglasses over $100.

But now, I no longer have to wear the ghetto shades – I have a pretty new pair of tortoiseshell Oakley Fives (and a visor clip to hold them – we're all about scratch prevention, people), thanks to Linda. Her old boss owns a sunglass kiosk at Park Meadows and we went down there and got the best discount. Which I then canceled out by spending way too much at Super Target. But it was stuff I needed, like the Beastie Boys cd that I lost a long time ago and the Spongebob movie and another pair – ok, two pairs – of pajama bottoms. And some other stuff I could have done without, like laundry detergent.

Seriously, that was the extent of excitement for the weekend. Oh, and I got an adorable $7 lampshade to match the $3 lamp base I got last week at Lowe’s. That’s what happens when you’re 29 – bargains outrank drinking in the “best day ever” department.


beckibee said...
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beckibee said...

I can't remember a time before I started reading about your sunglasses.

Just kidding! :) I got some big ol' Jackie O' glasses and I could write pages o' stories about the quest