Monday, October 17, 2005

...And we'll cheer as our team passes by

We're loyal and steadfast and true
To our colors of green and gold FIGHT FIGHT!
Yes, I know my high school fight song. No that is not the whole thing. No, "gold" does not rhyme with "true." Yes, it bugs me.

So we went to our high school’s homecoming game on Friday night. I think the last time I went to homecoming was the year after I graduated, when it was cool to go because you’re a big FRESHMAN in COLLEGE.

Karen and I thought it would be a great idea to go this year – not sure why, but whatever. We got there fashionably late – and would have gotten there sooner if we hadn’t gotten overzealous about parking and also misjudged the distance from the parking lot where we were to the actual stadium. We knew it would be pointless to try and park near the stadium, and so we saw a car turning into a parking lot and we followed them. Brilliant! We congratulated ourselves on finding a spot with no trouble – after all, we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic after the game since we’re parked right down the street. We soon realized that “right down the street” was actually “8/10ths of a mile” (we clocked it later). So after a brief hike, we made it.
Amber: “You know, I’m looking at this bridge thinking what a great place it would be to hang out and drink if you were in high school, but I’m also thinking how unstable that fence looks and how if someone drunk fell against it, they’d certainly end up in the river. How sad am I?”
Karen: “We’ve lived in Lakewood our entire lives and we still can’t figure out that where we’re parking is nowhere near the stadium? How did that happen?”

We entered the stadium and found some seats in the “old people” section. It was pretty full, and I was like “My parents are here somewhere, but I doubt we’ll ever see them.” The sentence was no sooner out of my mouth than I turned around and saw my parents. They were waving at me from about 10 feet away. We went and sat with them, further cementing our status of “SO not cool,” but they had a fuzzy blanket to sit on and also? I’m 29 – my cool factor with random high school kids went out the window YEARS ago. In fact, I was never cool, so I didn’t care.
A conversation between me and one of my 7th grade youth group girls I ran into):
Kid: “I didn’t know you were a Bear Creek fan”
Amber: “Well, I went there.”
Kid: “Really? I didn’t know that.” (Said in a tone like “wow – they had high school back then?”)

The first thing we noticed was how LITTLE everyone was. The cheerleaders looked about 12. Maybe. Even the football team was tiny, it seemed like. Karen and I kept expressing our amazement at the fact that the players seemed so small, but I think it might just be that we’re imagining her husband John and Not Boyfriend (both who were on our football team in high school) as they are now and they dwarf those tiny babies on the field. We actually kept forgetting to watch the actual game because we were busy people watching and making comments. I’m sorry, not to be all parenty or anything, but my god the girls are skanky these days. It’s like 50 degrees out and they have on tiny little tank tops that basically cover nothing. Hello? Did their parents not see them leave the house like that? Geez. Put on some clothes or something.
Karen: “I’m really hoping that I didn’t just hear that girl down there introduce that baby she’s holding as ‘my baby.’ She cannot possibly have a baby – is she even IN high school?”

Pretty soon, Not Boyfriend got there. Keep in mind, this could have been awkward for a couple of reasons: 1) he’s never met my parents and 2) I didn’t tell him they’d be there. But since he’s self conscious about exactly zero things, it didn’t phase him a bit. He met my parents and sat down as if he hung out with them all the time and fell right into our humorous family banter. Example: My mom was cheering and did this screechy kind of scream thing so I was like “Uh, mom? You’re not quite in the realm where only dogs can hear you, but you’re pretty close and also? My eardrum. Ow.” And Not Boyfriend chimes in “I don’t know, there might be a couple of dogs out there going ‘What? What?’” And he imitates a dog perking up its ears and looking around. Of course my mom just thought that was so funny. She later told me that she could see why I like him, because we’re so quick and funny together. She never says nice things about a boy I like after meeing him once. NE-VER. Even my dad had something to say, which is also weird, because he generally doesn’t say anything at all. I THOUGHT we were sitting with my parents, but now I’m just not sure.
Not Boyfriend: “Uh, we’re totally sitting in the ‘uncool’ section”
Amber: “Where did you want to sit – over there with the kids?”
Not Boyfriend: “Yeah, so they can look at each other and be like ‘uh, somebody’s dad’s here.’ I’m going to go with ‘no.’”

Karen, Not Boyfriend and I left during the 3rd quarter because not only are we uncool, but we are also old and it was getting kind of cold out there. Plus, our team was losing – therefore yes we are, as Karen pointed out “fair weather fans.” My parents stayed the whole time and it ended up that we won in overtime. Which was good since it was homecoming and also we’re 6-0 for the season and that would have been a crappy first game to lose. The game was relatively injury free except for one of the tiny little players who broke something and had to be taken away in an ambulance, thereby dashing the dreams of some girl who was SO EXCITED to be going to homecoming with a FOOTBALL PLAYER.

And lucky for us, Not Boyfriend parked basically right outside the stadium – in the DIRT because he drives a TRUCK – and so he drove us back to our car, thereby saving us the three quarter mile hike of potential danger. Because we weren’t wearing the proper shoes for that.

Anyway, the best part of the whole game was halftime (What? I will freely admit that I watch football either under duress or in anticipation of the halftime entertainment). But that’s a whole story in itself, and plus I’m hoping that the pictures of the game will be up on the school’s website in the next few days because it’s a story that needs pictures. Let’s just say it involves the Color Guard and leave at that for now, shall we?


dasi said...

Sounds like fun - even if it was in the "uncool" section! I pretty much never had homecoming in high school, well, actually, I'm sure our teams HAD homecoming, just nobody really cared except the players because it was an all-girls high school. And we (obviously) had no football team either. So "homecoming" was probably for something silly like, oh, I don't know, the tetherball team or something. I honestly don't even remember.

BUT a girl I graduated with is on The Amazing Race this season (she is one of the Godlewski sisters) and even though I TOTALLY don't remember anything about her except for her name, it's kind of cool. (I know, that has nothing to do with homecoming, I really don't know why I felt it necessary to tell you that.)

Beth said...

The alternate fight song words (changed the year before we were there) are:
We're loyal, steadfast and BOLD
to our colors, the green and gold.
Fight! Fight!

The alternate lyrics rhyme, but bring up the question of how it is possible to be bold to colors.

Alice said...

no! i cannot leave it at that! i am now intrigued... which is probably a first, me being intrigued by the color guard. :-)

DUDE it is CREEPY when parents like the boys... i always get all jumpy like they're playing a massive trick on me and the other shoe is about to fall...

Rico said...

I think I'd leave after two minutes at one of my old high school football games. Either I'd feel like a reject or be to depressed that I could run out on the field and hit someone. Either way, it'd be pathetic display of emotions. I loved this story because I got to live through the experience at your expense. Thanks.

Jill said...

Wow, I'm just fascinated that you can have that "hiking 3/4 of a mile to your car" experience at your high school. Everything is so condensed here in NY that the only times I've done that have been at concerts at Giants Stadium. Where once, my brother and I actually misplaced our car for an hour. And it was in the middle of a flash flood or something. Good times.

Romeo Jensen said...

okay... were to start... were to start... first of...

you're effin 29?
dont even go there... ur 24 at the most... hell ya look 22

not boyfriend???
ummm... Junior High Much???
okay... let's grab that gusto... go for it... stake your claim to Mr Hawtie wid da truck and a proclivity to immatating cartoon animals for the 'rents

can he do farm animals as well???
he's a keeper!

lastly... you know you were a cheerleader... c'mon... own it


beckibee said...

dammit. Beth stole my thunder. I was going to correct the fight song too. I still remember all the moves to that little number. Can't remember where my keys are, yet I remember the fight song pom dance. Go figure.

Amber said...

Ok, ok, school song Nazis. It's BOLD. We're loyal and steadfast and BOLD -- not to our SCHOOL or our TEAM but to our COLORS. Because it RHYMES. Fine. Either way, it's just not a good choice of words.

Cheryl said...

It's always about the colorguard isn't it?

I remember not only my high school song, but the motions we cheerleaders did to it, and will until I am old and gray. Oh, and my school always lost homecoming.

Miladysa said...

I am still laughing at NBF's dog impression! I have got you see the stick drawing of that one!!

I am always nice to all my children's friends. If I am negative about anyone in any way it makes them more attractive :)

The Other Half said...

oh man...i have not stepped foot on or near any high school events since i graduated!!!

Hope said...

"Hail to our colors scarlett and white. Long may they stand for wisdom and right..." I only remember this because at my friend-from-high-school's wedding a few weeks ago with the bridesmaids wearing red and the bride in white we looked like mascots, so we started singing the song.

I wouldn't be caught dead at a high school football game. I avoid any place I might possibly see anyone I went to high school with like the plague. But I'm glad to see NotBoyfriend is still in the picture!

Marissa said...

That is hilarious! I Love your perspective on the homecoming game and high school now "The cheerleaders looked 12. Maybe." Classic! I can't even imagine what it would be like to go back to my high school homecoming game...I shudder just thinking about it!

Timmortal said...

You cant go to football games when your almost thirty. You could have a 12 year old by now.