Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Even the Elderly Enjoy the Occasional Concert

So last night I went and saw Jason Mraz in concert. Before I go any further, I have to tell you that the person behind this whole event was Mandy. She got into him and knew that I would love him, so she burned his newest cd “Mr. A-Z” for me and got tickets to the concert. Well, she was right – I loved him. And after last night’s show? I love him even more. So big shout out to Mandy – you totally know musical genius when you hear it – AND you know me so well.

Anyway, so Mandy, her sister Cass, our friend Steph and I headed out to the Fillmore. We’re all about the same age – Cass is 22, so a little younger. But when we got to the theater, clearly the only thing we were was old. Teenage girls EVERYWHERE. And there were a few guys there, but they were mostly the whipped boyfriends, standing around and trying to look as if they totally chose to be there and fooling no one.

So the opening act was James Blunt, a charming lad with a fantastic English accent and a really tortured soul. I was actually going to say something here about how he’s so young and how there’s no possible way that he could be so tortured when he’s all of like 22, but then I looked up his bio and turns out? He is. He was in the British Army in Kosovo in 1999 at the age of 19 and wrote some songs about that. He describes his album as “fatalistic” and boy, he isn’t kidding. At first I was like “I think I’ll buy this cd and listen to it.” By the end of his set I was like “I think I’ll buy his cd, listen to it, break it in half and slit my wrists with it.” For real. His voice is haunting and his songs are super depressing. But he’s talented, no question about that.

ANYWAY. Jason Mraz. I love him because he is a total word nerd. He’s quick and funny and writes great songs. He can talk so fast and he plays the guitar and did I mention that he’s a word nerd? How do you not love a guy wearing a pink t-shirt that says “GEEK” across it? And yes, he’s hot, but it’s all the rest of the stuff that makes him nigh unto irresistible. The thing, though, that sealed my adoration for him was his VOICE. He does this one song “Mr. Curiosity” where in the middle is this operatic kind of interlude. I always assumed someone else did it – until he broke it out last night and almost made me pass out. His voice is unf*ckingbelievable. The rest of the concert was great – he isn’t one of those artists who does the chit chat in between songs that makes you want them to please shut up and never talk again. His in-between-song talking was hilarious. I can’t really describe it, so I won’t.

What I will describe is how utterly ancient I felt. There were so many young kids there and when we first got there, I was SURE they were looking at us like “How sweet. The old ladies finally got a night out.” This was cemented by when we’re standing there during the James Blunt set and we were talking about getting a drink, and then Steph pointed out that there probably wasn’t alcohol because it was an all-ages show. WHAT? Cass was like “I thought maybe they just ran out of the bracelets and also forgot to card me.” Yeah, not so much. No alcohol.

The Fillmore has no seats on the main floor, so you have to stand. We stood there for nearly 3 hours and towards the end I wanted to die.
“Not to be totally old, but my feet are KILLING me.”
“My back hurts.”
“Man, mine does too, now that you mention it.”
Not only were we standing there for hours, but people kept pushing their way in front of us like they belonged there. Look, if you want to be closer to the front, I recommend that you get there earlier. Don’t make me kick your ass. At one point, Steph turned around to say something to us and when she turned back around, some little chippy had elbowed her way into Steph’s spot. Steph looks at us and says “Apparently if you turn around, you lose your spot. That’s the last time I’m talking to you f*ckers tonight.” The girl got the point and moved out of the way. Another girl tried to edge in front of Cass, and so Cass, Mandy and I all looked at her with the laser eye of death and she kind of cowered and was like “sorry” and moved. That’s what I thought, bitches.

After about 2 hours, we started to want some water. But we were totally trapped. We’re thirsty and smushed in with 85 bajillion people and there’s no way we can get to where there might be water – not that we’d know where that was anyway. By the end of the concert, we swore we could feel our skin drying up and had passed the realm of "thirsty" like an hour before. I think we were at the "Brink of Imagined Death from Dehydration" stage about then, but we possibly could have been hallucinating from lack of water -- maybe our brains had dried up. Anyway. We wanted to go to the 7-11 across the street from the theater but with the crowds of people walking around, we couldn’t get there. We drove around FOREVER (or like 20 minutes -- I really don't know because my eyes were totally dried up rendering me blind so I couldn't see the clock) because apparently Denver shuts down at 10 on weeknights – something to know in case you’re ever here and want to get something at a convenience store after 10. You can’t. We finally found a gas station and I have never been so happy to drink water ever in my life. Add another point for “old” on the “Old vs. Young” scorecard.

Luckily, there’s a curfew in Denver for teenagers – it’s 11 – and so the concert was out at 10:30 or so. I say luckily because damn – we all have to work tomorrow and we need to get to bed. That’s now at least three points for old, in case you’re keeping track.

But the concert? Totally fun. We laughed SO MUCH and had a blast and Jason Mraz was awesome. And once we found water, well, the night was complete. And all that before 11.


Romeo Jensen said...

I totally heart Jason Mraz... he is sooooo talented. he sang the national anthem before the lions/packers turkey day game like 2 years ago and just rocked it!
ps: did I mention I'm diggin' the new doo? I think I'm kindsa crushin on ya
*winks to the west*

Whinger said...

I also enjoy the Jason Mraz, who has somehow made it through my no-radio existence.

Also, Denver has a curfew? Huh. I know there's a some-teenager-died story behind this.

Hope said...

I had a similar experience at a Dave Matthews Band concert over the summer. We went to one of their concerts in the beginning of July which was totally chill and full of people our age just rockin' out and smoking pot, but then we went to another one at the end of July and it was all 16 year-olds screaming along with the few DMB songs they play on the radio. I felt like such an old lady. It sucked.

Just a funny side note - I went to college with a kid named "Jason Mroz" - not nearly as hot as Jason Mraz - actually, not hot at all.

Alice said...

TOTALLY KNOW what you mean. i went to a concert this summer, and my friends and i were abhorred at how trashy all the little 13 yr old girls were dressed... we kept saying stuff like "if that were my daughter, there is NO WAY she's stepping foot outside the house dressed like that!!! ...oh god, i'm siding with the moms. oh god. help me, i'm old."

dasi said...

No, see, you are TOTALLY not old, I AM, because I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO JASON MRAZ IS. I mean, I have heard the name, but now I feel compelled to look him up on some site that will let me hear his songs - maybe I DO know him but am too old to recognize his music...

And on a side note - if you REALLY want to feel old try taking ten-year-olds to a Jesse McCartney or Hilary Duff concert. Scary!!

Stephanie said...

Jason Mraz? Hot? Really? Alright.. but he's not my cup of tea. But I will admit that the man can sing: I actually got to sing with him about a year and a half ago. He was in town for a show in Milwaukee, and the night before, he came down to one of my old haunts for karaoke with his entourage for an evening. We sang a couple of ditties with him: and then one of his "people" decided to get up and sing his song - whichever one was popular at that time: I forget the name of it. And he MUTILATED it. And Jason just sat there with his video camerea laughing his butt off. Too funny.

Glad to hear you had a good time Amber. I hesitate to go to concerts anymore either for that very same reason: I'm starting to feel old these days... boo.

Pieces of Me said...

you are the second blogger that went to a concert last night! I am glad you had fun!! I will have to check out his music! TTYL

Kiki said...

Despite the young chippies and dehydration, it sounds like you had a good time. I am clueless as to who Jason Mraz is. I've never heard of him, but now I'm intrigued.

Jill said...

I also have no clue who Jason Mraz is, but your description has sold me. I heart hot geeks. And I also have been to general admission concerts where...uh...maybe I got a bit hostile with a few people who tried to weasel their way in front of me.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

I heard Jason tonight for the very first time. He was on the Ellen Degeneris show w/Colbie Caillat and OMG they were AWESOME together. I haven't heard a song that jerked my head around in years.