Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Here's where I write some words

I went and saw my brother's apartment for the first time the other day. I was sitting on his couch, looking around, and I said "This may be weird, but every new milestone you reach is so surreal to me." Because I can't believe that my little brother is old enough to have his own place. To legally drink. To walk on his own without me holding his hands. Granted, it's been a good 20 years or so since that last one, but you get the point. Where is that little kid who used to run around our backyard wearing a raptor mask? Oh yes. He's in college or at work. Gah.

Last night, Karen, John and I went to the wake for Kendra's uncle. This has been a really difficult week for her, because it was sudden and she was close to him. Her uncle founded a drug and alcohol rehab center and so a lot of the people who spoke were people who had gone through his program. And every single one of them talked about how he had changed their lives for the better and how he never gave up on them. It was abundantly clear that this man has left an indelible mark on the lives of a LOT of people. There were so many people there who loved him, and the reason for that is because he was generous with love. It makes me think that when I die, if people remember me like they remember him, I'll have accomplished a lot in my life. Anyway, if you get a chance, head over to Kendra's and wish her well...

Head-in-the-cooler watch 2006 continues. It was still there yesterday afternoon, but when I got home last night, it was gone. Whew. Now I don't have to sneak over there and look in it.

Yesterday my mom, The Boot and I were walking around the lake, and we saw this little kid with his grandma. He was adorable -- probably about 2 or 3, and he looks at me, looks at The Boot, and with a really concerned look on his face says "are you ok?" I smiled at him and said "yes -- thank you for asking." Seriously, how cute is that? We also saw a snake, which was considerably less cute. Stupid creepy slithery snakes. Gives me the heebie jeebies.

We were eating dinner last night, and John was talking about how we should go to the drag races this year, because it's cool. I told Karen she could wear cutoff shorts and make her hair real big, and John could wear his shirt with the sleeves ripped off. John says "Well I'm not going to get all dressed up." HA! I could not stop laughing. That's why Karen was able to marry him. He's a hoot.

Anyway. Herein ends another less than fascinating post about my life. Stay tuned for Or something.


Alice said...

yay, words! that is tres cute about the little boy & the boot. (that sounds like a fable or something... The Little Boy and the Boot. you should write a children's book!)

how weird am i... i think snakes are AWESOME. i had a friend with one as a pet in college, and i used to wrap it around my shoulders to watch movies.

The Husband said...

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day
Spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly

Amanda said...

the thing about little brother really resonated with me. my bro is 21 now, and i recently recounted how i taught him to ride a bike. and up until he was like 17, in my mind, and even verbally, i referred to him as being 9. he was perpetually 9. it's the plight of the little bro.

Okie said...

I'm glad the severed head is gone.

Drag races are cool.

Whinger said...

That was sweet about Kendra's uncle. Reminds me of the lyrics: The only measure of your words and your deeds will be the love you leave behind when you're gone.

Sweetest lyrics ever (from the song Everything Possible).

Hope said...

So cute about the little boy. Would've melted my heart right into a puddle, then I probably would have picked him up and put him in my pocket.

And I totally know what you mean about your brother. I'm just going to pretend mine's five forever, okay?

dasi said...

I can't even remember how old my brother is anymore... I just know he is younger than me. Maybe a bit more MATURE than I, but younger nonetheless. ;) So sad about Kendra's uncle - as someone who went through recovery, I can appreciate the fact that he must have been a remarkable person. It takes a lot to deal with people like me...! And the boy and the boot, I agree with Alice, there's definitely a fable in there somewhere.

JD said...

cool blog. love the vegas pics. "geeks, party of two" had me LOL. very funny.

Mr. Fabulous said...

That WAS pretty funny.

That John is such a card!

Cheryl said...

Thanks for the heads up on Kendra. Am popping over soon.

I love words! I will be back for more.

Leesa said...

What a wonderful post - melting my heart with the little boy story and making it race with the cooler watch.

Nikky Egland said...

Ah, my condolences to your friend Kendra. Her uncle sounds like a great man.

PS I hate snakes too!