Friday, January 14, 2005

And then things got "Wheird"

So I did some traveling this week. I went to Boston and Philadelphia, and unfortunately got to spend no time in either place. I did spend much of the time flying -- and this is when I realized that air travel is just one big invasion of your personal space. I mean, there's the concept of airplane seats, to begin with. On the way to Boston from Denver, I had a great seat, marred only by the fact that the girl sitting behind me was one of those people who feels like they have to make a new friend every time they get on a plane and so she talked NONSTOP on the nonstop flight. Almost four hours of her telling her life story to the people sitting next to her. I fell alseep, woke up and she was STILL TALKING. There's the whole issue of trying not to kick the person next to you when you change positions. And, as Kendra said in her blog, the thing about people being possessive of their armrests.

The biggest issue on this trip was that the TSA security lady got REAL fresh with me. People say that folks in Boston aren't that friendly at first? I beg to differ. I was "selected" because I had a one-way ticket to Philly from Boston. Fair enough. I've been "selected" before and it's no big deal. So the lady waved the beeper wand around and of course I beeped at the belly button ring and the underwire bra and the rivets in my jeans. She did the whole "back of the hand feel up" and here's where things got "wheird:" she even ran her hands across the underwire. I really felt that she should have at least bought me a drink first. And so then she goes through my suitcase (dear god, please don't let yesterday's underwear jump out and go skidding across the floor) and then rifles through my purse. All the while chatting with me about how she loves my purse and how my shoes were so cute because they're so small and calling me by name as if we were just hanging out at airport security while she felt me up and went through every piece of my personal belongings. Wow. When I left, I half expected someone to maybe inform me that that would conclude the Innappropriate Touching portion of my air travel and thanks for flying the Really Overly Friendly Skies.


beckibee said...

Was she at least cute or did she look like Frau Farbissina or Unibrow from Austin Powers?

Amber said...

She sorta looked like Frau Farbissina, but she did not yell shrilly at random times. She was actually quite nice, all things considered.

Kendra said...

Perhaps they should call it "T&A" vs. TSA?