Monday, January 24, 2005

Quite Possibly the Best Day EVER!!

Why was it the best day EVER, you may ask? Well, I'll tell you. It's because I got a new bed! New! Bed!

When I moved out of my parents' house 3 or so years ago, I had no furniture and so I was graced with a billion hand me downs, one of which was my bed. I liked my bed -- it was comfy and it was queen-sized and I was frankly just happy to sleep on something that wasn't a futon, which probably would have been my second option. Plus, it was free. So I've moved around from apartment to apartment (and if you're my brother, you're cursing this, because the poor kid has helped me move every single time -- six times since 2001) and the bed has been a good bed.

So I move into to my New! House! last May -- it's brand new, I own it, it's awesome. And since then I have slowly been buying new things so that suddenly, the house looks like an actual adult lives there. The first major casualty was my couch -- which was hard, because that was the most comfortable couch in the history of couches. It was down filled...but I digress.

And then yesterday -- the delivery of the New! Bed! It's a king-sized bed! It doesn't have an imprint in the middle so that if anyone sleeps in the bed with me, the New! Bed! ensures that I won't constantly roll to the middle. It's firm, but not TOO firm. And besides the fact that it's comfortable, well, it is SO PRETTY. I went shopping and got pretty things for it. And this is the cool thing about having a New! Bed! and no New! Husband/Boyfriend! – I can have the bed be as PRETTY and PINK and GIRLY as I want it to be. HA! So, I did. I got a pale pink thin wale corduroy bedspread, and pink paisley pillowcases. And I got...eyelet. I LOVE eyelet lace stuff. My shower curtain is eyelet lace. And now -- the New! Bed! is also decked out in eyelet. Eyelet bedskirt. Eyelet-edged sateen sheets. Pretty white pillow shams (matelasse is what the style of those are called -- just a fancy word for "super girly" I think). Eyelet curtains (not on the bed, obviously). I stood at the door of my gorgeous room and looked at my handiwork and I almost didn't want to get into the pretty pretty bed. That lasted about a minute, because as you all know, I am a fan of the sleeping.

So it may not be the best day ever, but it came pretty close.

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beckibee said...

I have such a beddish (bed+fetish) so I totally understand!!! Although I like the V-shaped aspect of my bed now because I can force perpetual snuggle. Just TRY to sleep on your own side...mwah-ha-ha-ha! I'm a snuggle whore. I admit it. Congrats on the new pretty-ness!!! You should post a pic of it on your blog.