Monday, January 31, 2005

Yet another sign I'm totally getting old

When you go to a high school basketball game and are no longer attracted to the players, but instead the coaches and the teachers. Now, on the one hand, this is a good thing. If I were still attracted to the players, I would fear that something is seriously wrong with me, because, ew. I wouldn’t even look at someone my brother’s age because, as I said before, ew. It also makes me think about the coaches and teachers that we thought were hot when we were in high school (Mr. Dowd, anyone?). I guess I always thought they were SO MUCH OLDER than us, but I guess they were probably pretty close to the age we are now. Huh. Because clearly, we're not old.

I went to the D’Evelyn High School vs. Golden High School boys’ basketball game on Friday night. I love high school basketball. I loved it when I was in high school and I still love it. As a disclaimer, I don’t like watching sports in general. I detest watching most professional sports, and I especially dislike pro basketball. I’ll watch pro hockey and I did get sucked into the World Series, but I blame that on Sean and his baseball obsession. I will admit though, it was cool to watch history being made in those games. Anyway, the reason I like high school basketball is because it’s so much more fun to watch kids play. They want to be there. There are fiery rivalries and so much school spirit and it’s just fun.

So Dane, who is one of my youth group kids, plays for Golden, and I went to a few of his games last year as well. That’s where I saw Hot Coach. I think his name is Cal, but we just all call him Hot Coach. He was there (obviously) on Friday night, and I was watching him…coach. I was! I was watching his COACHING TECHNIQUES. Not really. I was mostly watching the game, but I’d check him out every once in a while. Until I saw this even hotter guy across the floor – he was like the negative of Hot Coach. Hot Coach has blond hair and blue eyes, this guy had dark hair and dark eyes. He clearly worked for D’Evelyn, but I couldn’t figure out what he did. It turns out that he is the security guard there. I know, the stigma attached to “security guard” – it’s not a good thing – but if you could see him, well, he’s HOT! So one of the youth group girls is a cheerleader for D’Evelyn and she thinks it would be great if she set us up. I think I agree.

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