Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I'm learning to post pictures

My brother -- awesome guitar player, but in this picture he's pretending not to know how to play so that this one girl would "teach" him and then he could appear to be a virtuostic guitar prodigy. Posted by Hello

It's not rocket science, however, this picture posting thing is more difficult than it looks. Compounded by the fact that my computer flipped out yesterday and was running at the speed of, oh, I don't know, my mom's driving. And as anyone who's ever been in the car with my mom knows, that's pretty damn slow.

Anyway, isn't my brother cute?


Beth said...

Sure does look old for someone who is 8.

Amber said...

I KNOW! I was listening to KBCO's "Ten at ten" the other morning (it's where they play ten songs from a certain year all in a row) and they played George Harrison's awesome song "I got my mind set on you" and Tim used to sing that song when he was little and they're like "from 1986, that was George Harrison." 1986? Awwww, he was like 2 and just the cutest thing EVER -- especially when he'd sing that song. Snif.