Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Which is always what you say when someone gets a basket. We spend two of our four full days doing a thing called "Kids Club" with the community kids. It's like vacation bible school, but not as churchy. We sing songs and do crafts and play play play. Usually there's about 50 to 70 kids there every day and they are so much fun and SO CUTE. They'll talk to you a mile a minute and tell you everything about their life knowing full well that you can't understand, but enjoying talking to you nonetheless. Parents work a lot of long days in Juarez, and so the kids love the extra hugs and piggybacks and attention. And our kids love to give it to them. This picture is of Julio, who is about 3 and the cutest little thing. He's shooting a basket with the help of Dane, our 6'5" little kid at heart. Just as a side note -- the open door in the background is one of the bathrooms, and the area above it is the showers. You know, the off-limits showers. Posted by Picasa

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