Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You're Simply the Best

This is me and my boy Tye, who was a constant source of not just amusement, but HILARITY for the entire week. This picture was taken in a rare mellow moment on our way home from Albuquerque. This kid is quite possibly one of the funniest people I've ever met -- I mean, it's not too many people who can make me almost choke on my food and THEN get ketchup up my nose because I'm trying to avoid the choking.

We also have a tradition on these trips called "the quote book." It's a journal where I write down all of the funny things the kids say throughout the week. I started doing it three years ago and now it's a big deal to make it into the quote book. This year it was a lot bigger than usual because if Tye's awake, he's talking. And if he's talking, chances are it's something really funny. He walks that fine line between hilarious and obnoxious, such that we never get tired of him. Also, his humor is effortless -- he never sounds like he's trying too hard. I would tell you some of the stuff that he and the other kids said that was really funny, but it would turn out not to be funny because you totally would've had to be there. Plus, sometimes there's actions to go with them. I just love having the quote book because it's a great way to remember stuff that we did and said.

Oh, and the title of this entry references the fact that every once in a while, Tye would break into song -- any song. He sang the entire "I wanna grow old with you" from "The Wedding Singer" and then one day, he just started singing Tina Turner's "Simply the Best." I don't know why, but whatever. Posted by Picasa

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Beth said...

I love all the pictures and comments. Sounds like you had a great time, despite the heat and dirt. Yay for you!