Monday, July 25, 2005

Mokalakapiki, c'mon you wanna lei me

At the request of Marie, I am updating you as promised on the birthday festivities of Saturday night. There are pictures – I know, because I totally remember the posing cutely and the flash going off.

So let’s see, what happened… well, Kendra’s cousin Bradley showed up with his friends, and as I was making myself this yummy apple martini, I hear “You look kind of like one of the kids from ‘The Little Rascals.’” I turn around, and there’s Kendra commenting on the hairstyle of one of the boys. I’m not sure where the Little Rascals reference fit in, because he looked fine to me, but hey, it’s her birthday. And I was laughing because this kid is MAYBE 21, and I don’t imagine he’s real familiar with the Little Rascals. He looked a little bewildered, but it could’ve been the unsolicited advice from a stranger about his hair that caused that. Also, Bradley is giant and one of his friends was as well, and when we saw them walk in, I said to Becki “It’s the attack of the giant twelve-year-olds” at which point we laughed for like ten minutes. It was way funnier with vodka, I promise. I think Bradley is actually also around 21, but again, he’ll always be about 12 in my world.

We ran out of vodka, and so for a few harrowing minutes, us vodka-hounds were wringing our hands and casting surreptitious glances at the door so we’d be ready when the new bottle arrived. I’m just going to say that when you get to that point, it’s probably a good bet that you don’t NEED more vodka, but really, who pays attention to signals like that when there’s fun to be had?

Karen and John came to pick me up, and Karen was like “I was supposed to bring you a lei, but I forgot.” And then when we got in the car, she hands me a drink and said “John was in charge of your cocktail” and so I told her that, no offense, I’d totally rather have the cocktail than the lei.

Basically, we hung out in this little circle in the backyard drinking and talking and of course doing the thing that always ends up happening that we term “Hahaha new person, remember that time when you weren’t there? Hahahaha – that was so funny” because we have so many years of memories and lines and jokes and cues that anyone who isn’t one of the A-List is completely lost about two words in. Can’t help it – and it’s fun. We also talked about Karen and I’s upcoming trip to a reputable and clean tattoo establishment because Karen wants to commemorate the end of her 20’s with a tattoo, and because I figured it’s been like four years since my last tattoo, so what the hell. We also discussed the spring trip to Vegas that we decided to take in celebration of all of us turning 30 within the next year. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it, there were a lot of stupid jokes and making fun of each other and well, “Hahaha blog reader, remember that time when you weren’t there? Hahahaha – that was so funny.”

All in all, the food was great, the company was better and since we left fairly early (apparently the party went on until about 3 a.m.) we managed to avoid any passing out in awkward places (me), taking pictures with the novelty coffee table (Karen), having things suddenly get "wheird"(Becki) and talking loudly about wildly inappropriate subjects (John).

I would say, all in all, a fabulous party!


Thomas said...

I might have to file a Freedom of Information Act motion to see the pictures you don't want us to see, Amber.

Marie said...

That sounds like so much fun!! What a great party. Yes, I think we'd like to see those pictures. ;)

Beth said...

John talks about wildly inappropriate subjects? I did not know this about him.

The Other Half said...

Pictures! Pictures! Pictures! sounds like fun!

Kiki said...

Sounds like we had similar drunken times this weekend!