Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Yet another mountain view...

Here are Dane and I on the mountain. You can't really tell, but there's a pretty good drop behind us and therefore, most of the hike was pretty much straight up and there were a lot of rocks. We Colorado people scoffed at the climb, while the groups from Virginia and Illinois died a slow death behind us. Anyway, you can see behind us that it says "La Biblia es la verdad -- leela" which translates to "the bible is the truth -- read it." Every year a church goes up there and repaints it.

We went to a church service on Thursday night, which is always a cool experience. It's not Catholic, just Christian, but there is a TON of singing and clapping. Like so much clapping that your hands start to go numb. And there's a band, so it's not your typical hymns. It's loud and emphatic and the best kind of church. I may have said this before, but I'll say it again -- everyone was so welcoming -- when the service is over, they all hug you and say "Dios le bendiga," which means "God bless you," and I had the cutest little grandma hug me and kiss my cheek and say that. That's one thing that I love about going to Juarez -- everyone in the community that we're in is so nice and glad that we're there and they come and hang out and do nice things for us. There were of course, the ever present soccer games, and I mentioned that the pastor's wife and some other women cooked us the best dinner EVER one night. Then there was one night where a guy came and had made limonadas for us (limeade and mango-ade) complete with ice -- which is awesome after a day of drinking really warm water -- and the ice and the water in the drinks were all purified so we wouldn't get sick. There was also this little store around the corner that supplied me with fruit punch Gatorade all week, and kept the kids in chocolate. One thing I had this time that I really wish we had here was "Manzana Lift." It's apple soda, and it is SO GOOD. Posted by Picasa

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