Friday, December 10, 2004

Asshat (part two)

To make a long story longer (because that’s how I TELL stories), all of the sudden, after the 24 hour disappearance, he calls as if nothing was wrong and then when I give him attitude, acts like I’m out of my mind. And so apparently to punish me or something, for the next three days, he totally blows me off. Suddenly he was “working late,” which I didn’t believe for a second, because he barely works at all, much less late. And then when I finally saw him, and we “discussed” what the problem was, he’s like “I just freaked out because this is going so fast.” Really? It is? I hadn’t noticed because I was busy listening to your plans for our kids to go to private school and what sort of house we’re going to buy. I must have missed the part where you wanted to take things slow. So he then talks about how he had indeed broken up with the CASUAL girlfriend, but he was afraid that I’d be a rebound. A rebound? From a CASUAL relationship? Huh. Doesn’t sound all that casual to me. Which is what I said and he babbled something about something that was like “well I know I want to be with you, but I really want to take it slow” and I was like “Great! Super! Slow is good!” And so we saw each other that weekend and I haven’t seen him since. He made some half-assed efforts at calling me to which I made some half-assed efforts at calling him back like 5 days later. And then Not Boyfriend came back into the picture and I realized just how absolutely not for me Sean is and how much I absolutely adore Not Boyfriend. But that’s another story. Then Sean’s communications with me degenerated into him drunk dialing me and me not answering, the last episode of which was at 1:30 in the morning the night before Thanksgiving. The Saturday after Thanksgiving, I get a call from my friend Mandy (also from my high school) who I had told about Sean, and as it turns out, she works with the sister of Sean’s CASUAL girlfriend. So Mandy CASUALLY asks the sister if CASUAL and Sean had broken up recently, and she said no, in fact they’re doing great and he had been over at their family’s house for Thanksgiving. So Mandy, being the great friend that she is, told the sister the whole story. Needless to say, the sister was shocked and a little bit pissed. She called her mom to ask if CASUAL and Sean had broken up, and her mom said no, so the sister told her why she had asked, and so then her mom also was shocked and also a lot bit pissed. I think she used the word “bastard.” Anyway, the sister was supposedly going to call Sean and tell him that he better tell CASUAL the story and if he didn’t she would. And then she would tell anyway, because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that he’s the biggest liar ever. Hopefully I’ll hear the outcome of that from Mandy eventually. I told her to be sure to tell the sister about the Thanksgiving drunk dial. Heh HEH.
Amazingly, I haven’t heard from Sean. You know, Sean. Sean Donahue:Asshat.


beckibee said...

Okay, so I'm new to blogging, because in general, I'm usually 3-5 years behind technology. (e.g. Hey, did you know you can download music off the Internet?) Anyhoo, Ambular, I am enjoying your blog. Here's my comment: Thanks for being my "casual" friend for 10+ years!

Sean Donahue said...

Good for you. Asshat is too nice a word for him. Good story.