Friday, December 10, 2004


I realized that while all of my female friends get to go by their regular names, some of the boys in my life go by "code" names. I'm not sure why, but I think it stems from the fact that either I have zero boys in my life, or like 75. And it gets tiresome and confusing for my friends to remember their names (and for me to keep explaining who they are), because you just never know how long they'll be around, and also, you never know when you'll meet another boy with the same name as that guy you met that one time in the summer of '94. Also, it sort of protects their true identity. Or something. If they stay around long enough, they get to be called by their real name. See how I have a system?

So I came up with the "boyfriend" tag. Usually, they're not technically boyfriends, but they are friends that are boys. For example, Hawaiian boyfriend was named Mano, which sounded just like the "kissing disease" and so I figured out pretty quickly that in order to eliminate the snickering of the A-List whenever I'd want to say something about him, well, calling him Hawaiian Boyfriend just saved us all some time. Then there was Workplace Boyfriend, who was cute until he started talking to me. He was quickly downgraded to Office Guy after that. CSI Boyfriend is none other than Nick Stokes (or George Eads, if you're intent on his non-tv show identity) however, sometimes it's a dead heat between him and Other CSI Boyfriend, Warrick Brown. Nice. Oh yeah, and there's also Neighbor Boyfriend. Which I think is pretty self-explanatory.

So there you have it -- another trademark long-winded explanation about something only peripherally relevant, but yet something I felt I should explain...

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