Thursday, December 09, 2004

I found my special purpose!!

So now that I'm an accidental blogger no more, I will now subject you to my ramblings on PURPOSE. HA. I have a posting all set to go about my Christmas tree and decorations, but then I realized I should put up a cast of characters for those of you who are not privy to my FASCINATING every day life. It's a long one, so brace yourself.
The A-List: My best friends from high school -- Becki, Beth, Karen, Kendra and Kristina. The best friends EVER and a source of constant wit and amusement. We bestowed the name on ourselves in high school as well. Clearly we think that we are as hot as any a-list celeb (and let's face it -- we really are) but also it has to do with the book "The Scarlet Letter" -- admittedly a boring book, but the "A" represented us being kind of slutty. (What's funny about that is that we really weren't. Oh there was kissing, but we were pretty low key back then. Not to say that we're slutty NOW...well, anyway, you get the point) I guess that's what you get when witty girls get bored in advanced english class. Heh.
My mom: I love my mom and we are great friends, but she drives me absolutely nuts sometimes. I always refer to myself as "Obsessive Compulsive Girl" and I am, but I came by it honestly. She can't come to my house without cleaning something up, and I'm pretty darn tidy. She has a key, and so often I have her go over and "check on the cats" if I have purposely left out something that I know she'll tidy up that I'm too lazy to do. Hey, we go with what works. She also loves my cats, and so we call her "Obsessive Compulsive Grandma." I have a dad too, but he's one of those mellow dads who doesn't interfere with much because he (rightly) figures that my mom does enough for them both.
My brother: His name is Tim and he's 8 years younger than me, therefore we are just now starting to like each other. I usually refer to him as "my brother" as if he had no other name. He is cool and REALLY talented. He plays guitar in a (surprisingly good) band and he is the most incredible artist ever. He is going to college for film production, which of course, he is also a pro at. Good thing I'm not biased.
My Not-Boyfriend: There's a fairly long story behind that one and so in the interest of time, I'll save that for later. Suffice it to say, he is a guy I REALLY like and who has recently gotten a divorce and so we are NOT dating while he gets over that. So NOT dating entails us hanging out and also talking on the phone quite frequently. And it may or may not entail kissing. I'm just saying. Anyway, I'm fine with the situation, because he seems to be the kind of guy who is well worth my time. I want to keep him around and so we'll see how it all goes. He will be referred to as Not-Boyfriend or NB because I'm lazy.
Linda: My hilarious friend who I met in a roundabout way. I used to be a nanny. She was the nanny that was there before me. Now we are friends and she makes me laugh. A lot. We talk on email a lot because she lives in the mountains. She has the cutest little daughter ever who is totally smart and totally gorgeous. She also has a horrible sister who we refer to as Voldemort (which is the name of the ultimate evil guy in the Harry Potter books, in case you weren't sure). The reason I say this is because Voldemort is not only the evil sister of Linda, but the super evil ex-wife of...
Dan: He is totally nice and funny and I like hanging out with him. He let me help him decorate his new, Voldemort-free house. He makes fun of me for crying about "NYPD Blue" and for crying at the stage version of "A Christmas Carol." But it's all in good-natured fun and he remembers important things like what my favorite cocktail is and he has it on hand for when I come over. That's good stuff right there people. Someone who can be sarcastic and yet not mean, and who makes me laugh while also providing my favorite beverage? Priceless.
The Babies: My cats. I have a black cat (he's the oldest -- a year -- and the best cat EVER) and a tiger cat (she's the disobedient and naughty CUTEST baby ever).
That was way long. I know more people, but I think we've covered enough for now so that there's no confusion over the Christmas post...

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