Thursday, June 23, 2005

Music...Makes the People...Go Away...

That was a sad interpretation of Madonna's "Music." I apologize.

Because every other blogger I know has already been tagged in this game of "Six Favorite Songs Of The Moment," the chain probably ends here. Since Kendra tagged me, here they are:

1. Ever the Same -- Rob Thomas (Best. Song. EVER)
2. Incomplete -- Backstreet Boys (What? It's a really good song)
3. Behind These Hazel Eyes -- Kelly Clarkson (I've tried to resist her charms, but have failed miserably)
4. Collide -- Howie Day (I love boys who sing about love like they mean it)
5. All That I Am -- Rob Thomas (because I've been listening to all Rob, all the time, this whole week)
6. Remember When It Rained -- Josh Groban (I also love a man with a gorgeous voice)

I will be burning these (and others) to cd tomorrow so that I have something to listen to in the van on the way to Mexico. Actually, having it for the trip back is more important, because by then, everyone will be REALLY sick of each other and there'll be fighting and as an "adult" leader, perhaps I should step in, but since chances are pretty good that I may also be sick of everyone, I choose to stay in my cocoon o'music. I like to think of it less as me not wanting to deal with them, and more as a chance for them to learn conflict resolution. THAT, my friends, is what makes me an effective "adult" leader. At least that's the angle I'm going for.


Beth said...

I love Kelly Clarkson. Unashamedly. Love her.

Chief Slacker said...

Thta does sound like a pretty good leadership plan :O)

beckibee said...

Good luck with the yoots!