Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Stuff about Things

First, a shout out to Dan – he’s in the midst of the week-long “Ride The Rockies” which, for the uninitiated, is a 405 mile bike ride around the Colorado mountains. He’s one of like 2,000 people who feel the need to ride sometimes nearly 100 miles in a day in altitudes upwards of 11,000 feet. Clearly, he’s crazy, but in an endearing, bicycle riding sort of way. Yay! Dan!

Memo to garbage truck drivers:
Dear Sanitation Engineer –
I realize that you have a job to do, and that it’s a pretty disgusting job at that, but I would be so happy if you didn’t drive on Highway 93 between the hours of 5 and 6 p.m. I know you know that this is predominantly a two lane highway, and also that the weather the past couple of days has been upwards of 90 degrees. If we take these two factors and add in the fact that I enjoy driving home from work with my sunroof open, well, I’d just like to let you know that your presence on 93 is a hazard. Because the car speed is fast and let’s not dance around it – your truck redefines the word “stench,” and I could get in a horrible accident because I’m driving behind you with one hand on the wheel and one hand holding my nose. Safety first my friend. Safety first. Thanks dude!

Hey! Nick at Nite turns 20 years old this month, and in celebration, they’re airing shows from 1985. Do you know what that means? SILVER SPOONS!!! Starring my first ever celebrity crush, Ricky Schroder. He goes by “Rick” now, since he gained some acting credibility beyond his adorable little face by playing Danny Sorenson on “NYPD Blue.” In that show he was pretty tortured. But still adorable. Sigh. Suddenly, I'm nine years old again.

My favorite new cd is Rob Thomas’ “Something to Be.” I love every song on it, though some I love much more than others. Like in the way that rips my heart out because it’s just such a great song. I think anyone who has never felt a strong reaction to music at some point in their life must have something wrong with them. Very. Wrong. I actually had a strong reaction to the new Dave Matthews Band cd. However that reaction was that I did NOT like it. Dave’s last great cd was “Crash,” though there have been a couple of awesome songs in the meantime. Sigh. Sorry Dave – I’m leaving you for Rob.

I found this awesome website called Cyranet Greeting Cards ( They’re e-cards for literally every occasion, but for snarky and sarcastic people. One I found that I thought fit me pretty well was “Are you playing hard to get? Because I’m not very perceptive.” Yes, another shout out. Hey! Not Boyfriend! What’s your email address?

I’m leaving for a week long excursion to Juarez, Mexico on Saturday. No no, don’t be jealous. Just because I’m going to be sleeping on a “bed” fashioned of cinder blocks and plywood, taking “showers” in questionable, non-heated water, drinking hot bottled water because there’s no way we could possibly make enough ice to keep a huge jug of water cool in upwards of 100 degree weather. Seriously, don’t be jealous. If you wanted to, you too could not have electricity or a mirror for 5 days, check your shoes in the morning for scorpions and try not to get dehydrated while you’re on a work site building a house but at the same time, not drinking nearly enough water because, um, there’s no bathrooms at aforementioned work sites. Did I mention that I’ll be doing all of this with 16 high school kids, right after we drive from Colorado to El Paso to Juarez? And then we have to drive back? Because that’s what I’ll be doing with this week of vacation from work. And you know what? I’m gonna LOVE it. I loved it last year and I’ll love it this year because there’s no experience like it.

So those are the notes from today. I’m sure I’ll think of something earth-shattering later. In a sleep-deprived stupor from staying up and watching t.v. all night long in hopes of seeing another episode of “Silver Spoons.” Maybe I’ll come up with a list of reasons why I'm still single. Hmmm. What should be first on the list...?


Cheryl said...

Ah, you make your trip sound so glamorous.

I miss Nick at Nite.

beckibee said...

I know, when I hear Jay-Z's 'Bounce Wit It' I just have the strongest emotional reaction.

Linda said...

First on the list of reasons you're single?? ....because there's no one WORTHY. You're the goodest, Trix, and don't you forget it.