Friday, February 17, 2006

And now in triplicate

NOT Not Boyfriend
Ok. I’m just going to put to bed the rumors that the boy I kissed on Valentine’s Day was Not Boyfriend. It wasn’t. I HAVE mentioned the boy I kissed in the blog before, but I will also say it’s no one that I’ve previously dated. See how it’s like a big cryptic puzzle?

Here’s why it couldn’t be Not Boyfriend. Because in the year that we didn’t date, there was PLENTY of kissing. The only thing “not” about our relationship was the fact that it wasn’t labeled as such. Plus, I’ve known him for more than two years – specifically, I’ve known him for 17 years. Also, you may remember that Not Boyfriend moved to Nevada at the end of December, therefore, he wouldn’t have been here on Valentine’s Day(although he did call), therefore, I wouldn’t have been kissing him. Sillies. I’ll be kissing him NEXT weekend, when he comes home to visit. Oh no I won’t…or WILL I?

And to deflect the questions that will no doubt arise from this, as it turns out, he’s better at keeping in touch then I thought he would be. When he left, I thought that would be the end. But he calls me at least once a week, which I’m continually surprised about. Obviously I’m not pining away for him over here, but it’s nice to know he misses me.

Also, in case you were wondering, I'm not sure when I'll be seeing the boy I kissed again. We've talked on the phone, but haven't made any plans to totally make out. What? I mean, no plans to hang out. Heh.

Vegas, Baby
I was awakened from a deep sleep this morning by the ringing of my cell phone. It was P.I.C. drunk dialing me from Vegas. I can say with certainty that this is the first time I’ve ever been drunk dialed at 6:30 a.m. He and his buddies were on their way to breakfast after not being to bed yet and he wanted to say hi. I called him an hour and a half later because I forgot to tell him something (they were just finishing breakfast and getting ready for more gambling) and he only vaguely remembered calling me and was also wondering why on earth I was awake so early. I think I said “It’s EIGHT O’CLOCK!!” about fifty times. That’s the kind of fun me and my girls will be having in Vegas in two short months.

Soon you will fear me
We’re stepping it up in boxing. Last night we did some combinations and then some give and take – the give and take was interesting because we were actually punching each other. Awesome. Pansy Boy wasn’t there, so I’m wondering if he gave up. Anyway, I felt pretty good – like I’m making some progress, even though I still can’t wrap my own hands. I’ve got to practice that – I feel like a big baby when the coach has to do it. And I only got smacked in the head once for not keeping my hands up. See? Progress.


Whinger said...

Um, by my count it's been about 22 hours since you brought up the kissing of this person, and I still do not have specific details.

That, my friend, is ri-goddamn-diculous.

:Stomps off, then looks back to see if you're ready to share.:

Whinger said...

Also? Also, I once called P.I.C.'s roommate in the A.M. on a Saturday because I wanted to hear a synopsis of the end of "Fight Club," as I just couldn't stand the ridiculousness of that movie one more second, but vaguely wanted to know how it ended. P.I.C. himself, the most obvious person to call, was out of town or something, but I knew that he and his roommate had seen it.

Anyway, I was reprimanded -- I'd even say severely -- for calling said roommate in the A.M. on a Saturday for such a piece of trivia that could clearly have waited until humans were up and functioning.

I would have felt bad...except that it was 11:15.

Consequently, I hope against hope that that former roommate was, for some reason, staying with P.I.C. in that sinful city and that he was awakened at an hour for which he can decently complain.


Girl Next Door said...

Girlfriend, it sounds like you have a sailor in EVERY port!


Hope said...

I think it's idle time that you give this Valentine's Day kisser a blog nickname like NotBoyfriend and History Boy. He's worthy and that way there's no confusion.

Cheryl said...

Oh I can't deal with this cryptic stuff...just tell us who it is! No? Ok.

Soon you won't get smacked in the head at all, I am sure.

Kyahgirl said...

good work on the boxing missy!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I might be needing a bodyguard in the near future. I'll keep you in mind!

beckibee said...

Dude. Call me.

trueborn said...

A little mystery never hurt anyone.

Marie said...

You rock, Amber. I am so impressed that you are boxing! :)

And the other story about Not Boyfriend and the other boy you kissed...very interesting. ;) I miss so much when I don't blog for a few days.

Ah...I miss Vegas trips! I have one planned with my girl friend, but it's not until May.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, Amber! :)

Marissa said...

yay for valentines kisses from not not boyfriend! love it!!

Alice said...

ooh yes let's have a blog name for him! how about patientboy? or.. umm.. crypticboy? i'm so impressed about the boxing, fyi. next time i need to beat somebody up i'll just fly you in instead :-)

Romeo Jensen said...

holy effin... ummm... you know!

like... are there ANY men in Colorado (and at least 1 blonde one in Pittsburgh) that you Haven't put a spell on??

Kendra??? am I right here???

you must be one damn good kisser!!!

also... does "Not Boyfriend" stand a chance? I mean if he were to come back to Denver (how'd I miss hs leaving... was I asleep?)

It kinda sorta sounds like you miss him... and the calling him "Not Boyfriend" seemed like some sort of Navaho Code Talker language for... "No it's okay that I dont have a guy in my life... cough*bullshit*cough I dont need one."

new dude... hey he needs a name... anyway... new dude sounds like he has your heart currently but... but what would happen if "Not Boyfriend" were to return... oh oh... Pay per view... call vince mcmahon... maybe the WWF would be interested in having a cage match... oh and the winner gets to fight you... omg... the ideas are just flowing now

"Death Match in Denver"
Not Boyfriend vs New Dude
(He needs a naaaaame???)

how'z bout....
"Not Romey" see that shows that you're settling because deep down you know you'll never find a guy quite as "unique" as moi

you dont like it... okay

"Valentino... the kissing bandito"
see... you kissed him on valentines day... see

okay... well maybe you can run a contest and we'll all submit names for "Ambo's new bo"

ps: just read alice's comment LOL we're thinking alike on this (be affraid alice... be very affraid)