Monday, February 06, 2006

Hello my name is Amber, and I like to make draw-rings

As you know, I’m big into the drawing, especially stick people. And today, I was introduced to the wonderful world of drawing on Yahoo messenger. Awesome. I was talking to Chris in Croatia and he had found the drawing pad, so we started drawing pictures. Because you’re super lucky (and I’m short on stuff to write about), you get to see our conversation AND our incredibly artistic drawing.

There was some prior discussion regarding our previous art. Chris drew a picture of him burning his hand on a burner cover, which I countered with a drawing of when I burned my hands carrying a bowl of ramen and dropped it on the floor and cried. I then drew a picture of a cat asking him if he was allergic to cats, since he’ll be at my house before we leave for camp in Montana this July. We have also recently been discussing how by the time he gets here, I will be a boxing bad ass. He doesn’t believe me, and so we’ve been talking smack. The conversation picks up right after he tells me that no, he’s not allergic to cats.

Amber: then you'll be fine at my house
Amber: except for when I kick your ass
Chris: that might not happen
Amber: why?
Chris: well I will not take it easy on you

This is where there were more pictures drawn – Chris relaxing under a tree, me flying through the air attacking him with my stealth ninja skillz only to find out that it’s actually a dummy of him because he’s actually hiding in the tree. He then rains on my stealth parade (with a cloud and rain and everything), only to find out that it’s not me flying through the air, but a hologram of me. I’m actually hiding behind the tree, trying to climb up it and surprise him. But then somehow the tree ate me so we started a new picture. He won that round by creating the carnivorous tree. I'm sorry, what? Yes, we are almost thirty. What's your point? Let's move on, shall we?

Chris: game on
the line is drawn
Chris: or river
Amber: yeah. i thought it was a river
Amber: i jumped over the river to get you
Chris: my rainbow fish is eating your leg (you can’t see the fish anymore – it’s covered by the shark)
Amber: my severely deformed purple elephant is stomping on your head (my crudely drawn purple elephant is now obscured by the fantastic volcano which is my favorite part of this whole picture)
Chris: the volcano on my side of the river blew your elephant into space
Amber: but now you're covered with molten la-va
Chris: my man runs down with a few singed hairs and slides his gloves on simultaneously
Amber: I'm self healing, so after I re-grew my leg, I slide tackled you and you're flying through the air
Chris: the raven is flying in to save me
since I was airborne
Amber: my pterodactyl is dive bombing your raven
Chris: shark attack doot=doot-doot=do (“Shark Attack” is a camp song we always sing. Awww. Camp. I can't wait for camp.)
Amber: wow. that's a big shark
Amber: but he died because sharks can't survive in fresh water

So since Chris had to go to bed because Croatia is 8 hours ahead of me, I’m going to say that I won this round since his shark died. Also I can say that because it’s my blog and he can’t correct me! HA! Isn’t our art EXQUISITE? We even signed it so we can say we knew us when…

This was actually one of the better afternoons I’ve had at work in quite a while.


Mr. Fabulous said...

I assume prints are available for sale?

The Husband said...

a true masterpiece!

Marie said...

LOL! That's so awesome. I love it. You guys have quite the drawing skills (and imagination!). ;)

beckibee said...

As a psychologist, I can't even begin to tell you what I make of these drawings. :)

Edge said...

wow ... I feel better about the future of our country.


Paul said...

You are like Van Gogh. With two ears. You still have both ears, right?

Miladysa said...


I would auction it on e-bay...

Romeo Jensen said...

have you considered.... scrapbooking

wait... this remainds me of that Fed Ex commercial... the Caveman where the terodactyl gets eaten by the dinosaur... etc etc LOL

I heart that commercial... except for the fed ex part

I wanna drawr with you

oh and a bonus 20 points for the Mike Myers SNL skit reference

Cheryl said...

This all happened at work. LOL! Great picture. I think you won that last round too.

Hope said...

Hilarious! If I could get away with that at work I'd draw pictures with you. Sounds like a blast.

C. said...

Di Vinci would be proud.. It is a wonderful piece of art. I still want to be your sparring partner though. I'll give you a shot at the title.. : )


Sass said...

I bet we can sell that to Golden Palace.

Alice said...

holy crap, *i* want to do that at work! that would be so much better than the lame stuff i normally do! except i can't so much draw. also i don't know chris in croatia. totally love the snl title :-D

dasi said...

You so totally ROCK. And duh? Dead shark = Amber wins. Hands down.

Leesa said...

Killer way to spend the day. And Ms. Amber swims with the sharkies!

lil'bitty said...

I have a cat named Simon who lives where the sidewalk ends. . . . he also likes to drawr drawrings. hello my name is simon do doo doot do dooo

Amanda said...


Marissa said...

LOVE it!!!

Kiki said...

You crack me up Amber! I might need to commision you to do a portrait of myself. :)