Tuesday, February 28, 2006

No, this is not about the cats

I got dressed this morning and came to work. Do you like how I say that like it’s some sort of amazing feat? Well, it kind of is, because I hate mornings and I hate work, so if it’s not amazing, it’s certainly – ok, yes. It’s amazing. Anyway, when I got here, I had to go to the bathroom because it’s a long drive. I was washing my hands and I looked in the mirror. I was about to walk away when I looked closer… and realized I had my shirt on inside out. The thing about it is, I didn’t even get dressed in the dark and I totally looked in the mirror before I left the house. And there are BUTTONS on the shirt. How did I not notice that?

Speaking of getting dressed, Sunday night, P.I.C. and I dressed up and went out to dinner at Kevin Taylor’s at the Opera House. Fancy. It’s Denver restaurant week, and so for $52.80 per couple, you can get a three course dinner at a whole LIST of restaurants. After much consideration, we chose the most expensive place we had never been to. I liked it, but I wasn’t like “best dinner EVER!!” He had veal, I had salmon and then crème brulee. If a stranger wanted to lure me into his car, all he’d have to do is give me some crème brulee. You know, because I like to give helpful hints to all the strangers out there…

After we went to dinner, I was flipping through the channels at P.I.C.’s house, and came across the movie “Grizzly Man” on the Discovery Channel. We only watched an hour of it before I had to go home to bed, but we’re going to rent it. You totally should because the guy is a lunatic. Well, he WAS a lunatic before he got eaten by a bear. Anyway. Now I’m totally intrigued by it and can’t wait to see the rest. Because clearly I like to mock the crazies.

I’ll tell you, P.I.C. and I watch some quality t.v. Like the day we made the mistake of having mimosas with breakfast and decided once we got home that maybe vodka and grapefruit juice would be a good idea. Hey, it WAS almost 11 – that’s 1 EST, and that is CLEARLY afternoon. So we were going to watch one or two episodes of THE BEST SHOW EVER – Arrested Development – and then six hours later we had watched the entire second season. And had popcorn and potato chips for lunch (and vodka) because we couldn’t be bothered to find anything else. And in case you didn’t get my reference before? Arrested Development is the best show NOT on television, which is a travesty because it is hi-larious and also clever, which is more than I can say for most shows.

So that's about it. That's what I did on Sunday, after I took a three-hour nap to recover from the night o'debauchery that was Saturday. I really hope I get some pictures downloaded soon, because the details? They are foggy.


Romeo Jensen said...

OMGaaaawd I heart arrested development... I cant beleive they're canceling it... anywho... did you actually think you were going to just "slip" that Breakfast line past me???

Hellooooooo... Breakfast... somebunny stayed Oveeeeer night... Helloooooo... details.... gotta have'em

Romey the Observent
Ps: I'm telling your mom about the crème brulee part... I think that's what lured grizzly to the bear... oh and for 52 effin bucks they better let you keep the dishes and the damn silverware... thats like... 15 happy effin meals at Micky D's

Silver J said...

WHY is everyone all about Arrested Development lately? Even my kickball team is named after an AD reference ("Nearly Nude," which I still haven't figured out.)

Maybe it's time to finally rent it or something. Is the first season out on DVD or what?

Cheryl said...

I LOVE Arrested Development too! I watched one show and said "this is brilliant" and I am so sad that it isn't on any more but Fox keeps its other crap around. Now I am getting riled up. Maybe I should get some vodka.

Cheryl said...

Silver J~ seasons one and two are both on DVD.

dasi said...

I don't know if I even want to BOTHER asking about the shirt... when you say "buttons" you mean like DECORATIVE buttons, right? Because you SO did NOT wear a button-down shirt inside out... please tell me you didn't!! And my dad won't give me my Arrested Development dvd back - he CLAIMS he keeps "forgetting" but I know the truth!!!

Whinger said...

I heard from a reasonably reliable source that AD got bought by Showtime.

Also, baby steps...it's hard to go to work AND wear all clothes right-side-out. And who's to say what's "right"?

I heart veal. I say, if you're killing a cow, it may as well be a baby.

Sass said...

I think their are a lot of us on this blogosphere living parallell lives minus mine had a guy leaving after I spilled blueberries on the ground. Anyway, pictures always help. I keep scrolling through my mental album from the weekend and having those "A-HA" moments and go crud - why did i say that?

Who Is PIC? the guy from before?
Ugh - i wish my email didn't filter you. let me work on this and get a new job or something.

Edge said...

Creme Brulee = Jef's version of black tar heroin, crack and other highly addictive substances rolled into one.

Even the name is addictive.


Sandra Dee said...

I'm glad this post wasn't about your cats again. (Kidding!)

C. said...

Do you enjoy making me jealous? :)
Glad you had a good time babe!


P.S. Will you come over and fix my computer please? :)

Mr. Fabulous said...

I saw about the first hour of Grizzly Man too. Definately a whack job. I'm hoping to catch the rest of it as well. I need him to die. I need closure.

Timmortal said...

You know kid, I've yet to see this Arrested Development show. I'm just hoping it doesnt turn out to be like that Curb Your Enthusiasm garbage. I'm holding you responsible personally if it sucks.

Kiki said...

I love Arrested Development too and now I want to order Showtime just for that reason!!!!!

I left two buttons on my button up shirt undone this morning. I looked down to see if I had my keys and noticed that the customers would have gotten some excellent customer service today. Lol.