Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Reason #8,952 why I’m glad I’m not in politics.

I hate politics. I have zero interest in it (them?). I think it’s unbelievably boring and while obviously I’m a fan of democracy, I take issue with liars and cheaters and politicians in general. Yes, I think in generalized terms in this instance, no you don’t need to try and convert me. Believe me, I’ve dealt with PLENTY of politicians and for the most part? Generalization? Correct. Sorry. Because in the course of my job, I’ve had the dubious honor of being involved in state government. And frankly, the only part of it I ever found remotely interesting or worthwhile was the time I spent with MyBoyfriendJB and Big Blonde Boyfriend. Because it was fun and amusing and I think I’ve mentioned how they’re easy on the eyes.

Sorry. Back to Reason #8,952. Today I had the not-at-all-pleasing pleasure of attending the House Finance Committee Meeting. There were 5 bills on the docket, and luckily, the one I was there for was second. Not luckily, the people testifying for the bill talked and talked and talked. Did I mention the bill was about changing legislation involving the waste tire fund here? Fascinating. So I heard a lot about waste tire uses and some other stuff, presumably, but between completely zoning out AND almost falling asleep no less than three times, well, I just don’t remember. Two hours of my life that I'll never get back.

So today, I added to my list Reason #8,952 why I’m glad I’m not in politics: I don’t have to regularly sit through/take notes at/participate in any sort of boring-ass committee meetings. And because I realize it needs to be done, I also appreciate that there are people out there that do it. And I appreciate even more that one of those people is not me.


dasi said...

I wonder if the people actually talking really know what they are talking about? Or if they are really just hoping that everyone else is as bored as you were and not really paying attention? Because I would so totally do that if I had their job. But I don't. Thank God. Because I hate politics too.

Miladysa said...

I hate politics and it is one of the reasons I was happy to quit my job. Politicians are the same breed all over the world. Grrrr. :)

Marie said...

Yes, I cannot imagine having to sit through those types of meetings ALL of the time. No way.

Have a great day, chickie!