Monday, August 08, 2005

Camp! Pictures!

So here is where we had camp in Montana. In the morning it was often cloudy and sort of chilly, as this picture shows. The grassy part is the meadow, and it is much huger than it looks here. Chris was standing at about the middle of it when he took this picture. On this side of the meadow were all of the cabins that we stayed in.

This is the OTHER side of the meadow in the afternoon. You can see the cabin that was in the other picture is also in this one. I know, it's not fascinating commentary, but I can't even tell you how pretty it is there. That's the path we'd take to go sneak our fudgesicles. Mmmmm...fudgesicles.
This is the middle mountain in the group of three from the previous pictures. Camp is in this valley, and so when the sun sets, it reflects off of the mountains to the east. And that is what it is doing here. Sunsets are awesome there, but night is better -- we're so far away from everything and the stars are like you've never seen. It takes forever to get totally dark -- about 11 is when you can see all the stars... have I mentioned how pretty it is there?

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beckibee said...

Looks real purdy!