Monday, August 08, 2005

Hike to the Falls

This is the annual hike to the falls. It's not a grueling hike, and the end result is worth it.
This is one of the lesser waterfalls off to one side -- these waterfalls are amazing and sooooo pretty.

Here we are at the falls -- we're standing in the water and it's pretty cold. What with it being the result of snow runoff and all. This is part of what we call "The Lakewood Show" because everywhere we went this summer, we were the biggest group, and therefore we dominated everything. Because there are very few of us in the group who are shy and/or quiet. Our motto -- "The Lakewood Show -- number one in six states and Mexico -- twice."

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Anna Mason said...

Hmmm...I am in Colorado too. Colorado Springs. I moved from NC. Last week I moved to TN, but was there 2 days and absolutely hated it, so I moved back. How long have you been in Colorado?