Monday, August 08, 2005

Fun with Water Balloons

After the Yuck Olympics, there was some launching of water ballons at each other. One group had really good luck with hitting the other team, one did not. The one that didn't finally gave up and rushed the other team with water balloons in hand. Bonus: can you find Camp Boyfriend in this picture? It's pretty easy -- he's the one who isn't like 14.
Anyway, when the balloons were gone, the weapon of choice became the swimming pool full of yuck. And the hose. And when the yuck was gone and everyone was soaking wet, the whole group ran down and the jumping into the creek began. Fun times.


The Husband said...

wow, nice photo's. looks like everyone had a good time.

Marie said...

Oh, I love water balloons!! How fun!

Thomas said...

One time I tried to take water balloons on an airplane. But Homeland Security confiscated them.